Energy drinks like soda

Soda (carbonated mineral water) is classified in the group of energy drinks and foods. There are now a number of other drinks that have as much energy as soda.

1 355ml can of soda has about 125 - 180 calories. All of those calories come from sugar, with about 8-11 teaspoons of sugar in a can of soda. That makes this drink not appreciated in terms of nutrition. However, not only soda, there are many other drinks that also have the same or higher calories than soda.

1. Fruit juice

Apples, oranges and many other juices are high in vitamins - an important key to a healthy diet. In 237ml of juice there are about 100 - 150 calories. And you will consume more calories if you drink the same amount of juice as 1 can of regular soft drink (355ml).
Even if you are drinking 100% pure fruit juice, with no added sugar, most of the calories in this drink still come from the natural sugars in the fruit. So, for a healthier option, it's best to eat raw (unsqueezed) fruit. This helps you get a rich source of nutrients from the juice, add more fiber to your body and consume less sugar.

2. Sweet tea

Sweet tea is also classified as an energy drink and food. Although sweetened tea is considered a better choice than soda, you still need to read product labels carefully before drinking. Pre-bottled sweetened teas can have up to 150 calories in a 355ml can - all of the calories coming from sugar.

3. Lemonade

You can add a little vitamin C to your body thanks to lemon water if this drink is made from real fruit. However, if you buy canned lemonade, then you are probably consuming a drink or food that provides a lot of energy. In 1 glass of lemonade at the drink shop can contain up to 7 teaspoons of sugar. Bottled water has about 150 - 180 calories in 355ml (as much as soda water). So, to avoid consuming high-calorie foods, you should look for low-calorie brands of lemonade or make your own lemonade with water, sugar, artificial sweeteners,...
Nước chanh
Để tránh xa thực phẩm nhiều năng lượng thì bạn nên dùng nước chanh tự pha

4. Chocolate milk

1 A 237ml serving of fat-free milk contains 80 - 90 calories. However, 1 or 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup can provide the same number of calories as soda. Prepackaged chocolate milk can provide between 140 and 250 calories depending on low-fat milk or whole milk. Milk itself is already high in calcium, protein, and some natural sugars. Flavors whether chocolate, vanilla or strawberry are added sugar and increase the energy in the drink.

5. Drinks from coffee

1 cup of black coffee has almost no calories. However, added coffees with cream, sugar, etc. may have more energy. 1 cup of 355ml unsweetened latte with low-fat milk will have 150 calories. Adding flavored syrup, whole milk, whipped cream, and drinks can add up to 400 calories - all from added fat and sugar. Instead, use fat-free milk and sugar-free syrup or sweetener in a simple drink.

6. Smoothies

1 serving of smoothies is usually quite large, about 473 - 591ml when used at a restaurant or 444ml / bottle of instant drink. They can contain 200-400 calories or more. In general, a smoothie is a drink, a high-energy food. The calories in smoothies go up if you add whole milk (non-skimmed) and sweeteners like honey or agave syrup. If you buy a smoothie, it's best to choose one without added sugar. And the advice is to make your own smoothies at home with fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy to ensure low-calorie consumption.
sinh tố là một loại đồ uống, thực phẩm nhiều năng lượng
Sinh tố là một loại đồ uống, thực phẩm nhiều năng lượng

7. Energy drinks

1 1 serving of 237ml energy drink provides up to 150 calories - equivalent to 1 355ml can of soda. And some bottles and cans of energy drinks will have more energy than 1 serving. Most of the calories in energy drinks come from sugar (1 bottle of water can contain up to 8 teaspoons of sugar). At the same time, energy drinks also have large amounts of caffeine. Just 1 can of water can add as much caffeine as 4-5 cups of coffee.

8. Protein Shakes (protein smoothies)

Sometimes you can find a protein shake (a drink mixed with water or milk) after a workout instead of a meal. It's best to read drink labels to know what you're drinking yourself. 1 bottle of protein shakes can provide 110-200 calories from protein, fat and sugar. At the same time, protein shakes are also made from milk with calcium. To avoid loading up on these high-calorie foods, you can look for fat-free or sugar-free protein shakes brands for lower calories.

9. Beer

1 1 can of 355ml beer or 1 bottle of regular beer will have about 150 calories. Light beers have about 100 calories. Note that the higher the alcohol content in beer, the higher the calories. In particular, many craft or premium beers can have more than 200 calories in a 355ml cup. You should limit drinking beer in bars or restaurants because 1 beer here is usually 473ml or more - there are quite a few calories.

10. Alcohol

You will consume about 120 calories in 1 glass of white wine 148ml; about 125 calories in 1 glass of red wine 148ml. But if you drink more, you will consume more calories. Besides, sweet wines for desserts have about the same amount of calories as soda. The Sangria cocktail also has a similar number of calories. Depending on the amount of fruit juice and sugar, 1 serving of alcohol can have 140-200 calories or more. Therefore, alcohol is also classified as energy drinks and foods.

11. Hard soda

Hard soda is an alcoholic beverage produced in the form of carbonated soft drinks. Because regular soft drinks are already high in calories, adding alcohol will increase the number of calories. 1 bottle of hard soda 355ml has between 175 - 260 calories (this calories come from sugar and alcohol). Other flavored beer drinks have over 300 calories in a 355ml bottle. Cider (fermented wine from fresh apples) has calories ranging from 170 - 230 calories/355ml. Therefore, you should look for low-alcohol drinks to consume fewer calories.

12. Cocktails

Cocktail is a mixed drink, containing alcohol and other ingredients. There are about 97 calories in 1 glass (44ml) of 40° alcohol. Liquor (liqueur) has about 165 calories in 1 glass. And there are quite a few different cocktail recipes with different calorie counts. When you mix tequila, 1 glass of wine will have between 150 - 235 calories. 1 cup of pina colada can have up to 500 calories. Even 1 cup of dry martini contains nearly 140 calories. So, if you want to enjoy new flavors without putting too many calories into your body, you can mix a cocktail with diet soda or club soda (carbonated water with added minerals) with a squeeze of lemon.
sinh tố là một loại đồ uống, thực phẩm nhiều năng lượng
Cocktail là một loại đồ uống, thực phẩm nhiều năng lượng

13. Other drinks

Some other drinks also have more calories than soda. Eggnog (milk egg cocktail) can have over 200 calories in just half a cup. And that's before you add the wine. Most of the calories in this beverage come from sugar, although the eggs and milk in it also provide extra protein and fat. 1 cup of hot chocolate 355ml can also contain 170-300 calories. And cider with added syrup can have about 110 calories in a 237ml glass.
Some of the drinks mentioned above can be classified as energy drinks and foods similar to soda. To maintain a beautiful and balanced body, you should limit the consumption of the above drinks.

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