How to treat foot odor thoroughly?

Foot odor is a dilemma for many people because of the inconvenience caused to daily life and communication. For some people with bad feet can be resolved quickly, but there are still people who have this problem persistently without finding a solution. So what is the most effective way to treat foot odor?

1. Choose the right shoes and socks

Unhygienic shoes or socks are one of the most common causes of foot odor, so people with bad feet need to pay attention to this problem to improve the situation:
For socks: need to choose socks that do from materials that absorb sweat, reduce unpleasant odors, it is recommended to change socks several times a day to reduce odors, after changing must be washed and dried in the sun to kill bacteria For shoes: shoes should be chosen Breathable, reduce the rate of perspiration and moisture accumulation, especially avoid shoes made of plastic, as this material is not breathable and increases perspiration on the feet Using insoles: changing shoes Or pads can eliminate foot odor. It is best to keep the soles and insoles in a dry state to limit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

2. Exfoliating Feet

Using a pumice stone or a foot scrub to remove dead skin cells is also an effective way to treat foot odor. This scrub also destroys the food supply for the bacteria that cause foot odor. Exfoliation should be performed 2-3 times per day for people with persistent foot odor.
Tẩy tế bào chết ở chân là một trong các cách trị hôi chân
Tẩy tế bào chết ở chân là một trong các cách trị hôi chân

3. Soak your feet with salt

Foot bath with warm salt water will bring many benefits in treating foot odor thoroughly. At this time, the skin cells of the feet will expand, more easily peeled off, effectively helping to exfoliate smoothly. The preparation of a foot bath is also relatively simple when just a little sea salt mixed with warm water in a foot bath for 10-20 minutes/time. Then dry your feet before living and working. Doing this regularly every day or at least 3-4 times a week can significantly reduce the odor you have.

4. Soak your feet with vinegar

Should add 2 parts warm water to one part vinegar and soak your feet for about 15-20 minutes. Because vinegar has antibacterial properties, it can quickly help eliminate foot odor after a short time. However, this should not be done with people with foot wounds to avoid irritation of the wound. Other topical treatments that can help reduce foot odor include boric powders, tannins, or antiperspirants, but need a dermatologist's supervision.
Bad feet, although not directly affecting health, can interfere with daily life, making patients lose confidence when communicating. If the foot odor does not improve after using the above measures, the patient should go to medical centers for examination and treatment.
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