Is 70 degree alcohol in the eyes okay?

Alcohol 70 degrees is a common antiseptic solution in the medical field. Besides, 70-degree alcohol is also a main ingredient in many quick hand sanitizers on the market today. During use, is it okay if 70 degree alcohol splashes into the eyes?

1. Is 70 degree alcohol in the eyes okay?

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning, letting alcohol-based hand sanitizer get into the eyes can cause serious injury, including:
Severe eye irritation such as pain eyes, red eyes. Damage to the surface of the eye, possibly even loss of vision. Eye contact with alcohol-containing hand sanitizers has been reported in all age groups. However, the condition is more frequent in children. Eye injuries from contact with alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become more common, possibly due to the marked increase in the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
So be careful not to touch your eyes or rub your eyes immediately after washing your hands with gel or alcohol hand sanitizer. Recently, many European countries have issued warnings about cases of eye damage in children due to alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
You need to know that with 20% alcohol, it will only take 30 seconds to make the epidermis of the cornea peel off. Meanwhile, hand sanitizer gels or alcohol often contain alcohol from 60% to 80%, the most common is alcohol 70 degrees.
In case of being splashed with alcohol 70 degrees in the eyes, you need to immediately wash your eyes with clean water and/or physiological saline for at least half an hour. Then, if you notice eye pain or loss of vision, see an ophthalmologist immediately.
Bạn nên dùng nước muối sinh lý hoặc nước sạch để rửa khi bị cồn 70 độ bắn vào mắt
Bạn nên dùng nước muối sinh lý hoặc nước sạch để rửa khi bị cồn 70 độ bắn vào mắt

2. Recommended safe use of alcohol 70 degrees

2. 1. For consumers and caregivers Do not use 70-degree alcohol as well as alcohol-containing hand sanitizers near the eyes. After disinfecting hands with 70-degree alcohol or alcohol-based solutions, avoid touching your eyes. Adults should always supervise young children, especially children under 6 years of age, when using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, especially these hand sanitizer bottles, which are usually kept at eye level and may spill or splash in the eyes of the child. At home, it is necessary to keep 70 degrees of alcohol and alcohol-based hand sanitizers out of reach and sight of children. If 70-degree alcohol or alcohol-based hand sanitizer accidentally gets into your eyes, rinse your eyes immediately and thoroughly under running water, a water bottle, or shower for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Don't delay washing your eyes, because rinsing your eyes right away is the single most important thing you can do to minimize your risk of serious eye damage. If symptoms of eye redness, eye pain, irritation, blurred vision, impaired vision or light sensitivity persist after you have rinsed, seek emergency eye care. Always read and follow the instructions and warnings on the labels of 70-degree alcohol products and hand sanitizers. Also, before buying hand sanitizer, check the list of unused cases. 2. 2. For healthcare workers If 70 degrees Celsius remains or alcohol-based hand sanitizer gets into the patient's eyes, immediately ask the patient to rinse eyes thoroughly under running water for at least 15 minutes. up to 20 minutes. If after that, symptoms such as redness, pain, burning, decreased vision, blurred vision, and light sensitivity persist, the patient should be referred to an urgent ophthalmologist. Advise the patient to choose an appropriate hand sanitizer. Healthcare professionals, consumers and caregivers of children should report adverse conditions or side effects associated with the use of 70-degree alcohol and rapid hand sanitizer products to the relevant authorities.

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