Pilates exercises for legs

Currently, there are many exercises for the legs with the aim of helping toned and slim legs, but what is the exercise that is really effective and suitable for many people? Pilates is considered an exercise that helps participants improve core strength. So how are the leg pilates exercises done correctly?

1. Basic leg pilates exercise

Prepare with your back on the floor, knees bent so that the soles of your feet are in full contact with the floor. Keep your knees hip-width apart. Proceed to raise the pelvis high off the ground with the strength of the abdominal muscles so that the shoulder to the knee forms a diagonal line. You hold still for 1 minute for the muscles to warm up and the effect to begin.
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2. Pilates exercises for legs combined with increased force to squeeze the exercise ring

This movement prepares to lie on your back, knees bent up to the width of your hips and feet fully in contact with the floor. You put the exercise cuffs between your thighs near the knees and then tighten them. Note that when tightening the ring, the body is forming a diagonal line like in movement 1. Try to keep the body not moving and perform the tightening of the ring as much as possible. After completing 10 reps, slowly lower yourself down and breathe freely. Do this 3 times.

3. Combination exercise using 2 legs to press round and lift body

At this point, the exercise gradually becomes more difficult, although the movement is still the same as the two exercises above. Still in the supine position with knees bent but will not hold the diagonal position and squeeze the ring. You perform the rhythmic lifting and lowering while the thighs need to squeeze the ring.

4. Exercises for the legs to stretch the ring

The upper body trained the inner thighs, now change the position of the ring to exercise the outer thighs. The position is still lying on the back like the first, but the ring is threaded through the legs, extending the legs to hold the ring tightly, trying to keep the body diagonal and the thighs opening and closing rhythmically but making sure to keep the ring. ring. Do about 10 reps need to gradually lower your butt and relax

5. Lifting exercises combined with stretching exercises

You will get used to movement 4 before moving on to this leg pilates exercise. When you are familiar with the movement of holding the ring with your legs, proceed to support the pelvis with the abdominal muscles. The movement is repeated rhythmically lifting and lowering to train the muscles of the thighs and calves. At the same time with this exercise you also help to tone the abdominal muscles to reduce fat for the abdomen.

6. Exercises with the toes

Put the hoop aside, relax the leg muscles and regulate the breathing to start the next leg pilates exercise. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet in contact with the floor. Proceed to lift one leg and bend the foot. Keep your knees bent and legs as high as possible. During the exercise always make sure that the hips do not move and do not touch the floor.

7. Leg raising exercise

Keep your body in a position where your hips are not touching the floor and slowly lift one leg up. At this time, the raised leg should be straight without bending the knee. Perform 20 repetitions and then lower your hips slowly to relax your body. Then proceed to switch legs and practice.
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8. Cross-legged kick exercise with leaning position

Turn to lie on your side perpendicular to the floor. One hand is full of the wrist and the other is leaning forward to balance the leg movement. Bend your legs and lift your upper leg up a bit and then perform a forward kick. When kicking legs, try to straighten your legs, then bend them so that your shins and thighs form a 45-degree angle. Do each leg 20 times.

9. Exercise lying on the side kicking high legs

This movement is also lying on the side with hands like movement number 8, but the way to kick the legs is changed. Instead of bending the kicking foot forward, the foot will be raised to form a diagonal with the floor.

10. Circle leg kick exercise

Try the leg pilates exercise with a high leg raise and a rotating kick. Try to expand the circle after each workout and kick back to feel the effect.

11. Sit-down squat exercise with a cushion in the back

squat bóng
Bạn cần chuẩn bị một quả bóng để đệm vào vùng thắt lưng trước khi thực hiện bài tập này
You need to prepare a ball to cushion the lumbar area before performing this exercise. Lean against the wall and perform the movement as if you were sitting in a chair and make sure when you exercise, thighs and floor are parallel.
With the above 11 suggestions, you must have answered the question of how to practice pilates? You can also apply the instructions above to perform pilates exercises for bow legs. Pay attention to the exercise in the arranged order and always maintain it regularly every week to improve the legs. While practicing do not forget to prepare the hoop and pilates ball.

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Reference source: ellipsport.vn - shape.com

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