Quiz: What do you know about "lip lock"?

You know, the topic of "lip lock" is currently being interested by many young people. Everyone knows how to show this special love, but are you sure you know everything about it? Please answer the following 10 multiple choice questions quickly that will help you discover more interesting things about "lip lock"

Kissing or locking lips is not a "privilege" of humans alone. This expression of affection also exists in the animal world. For example, fish can also "touch lips," or Bonobo, known to be able to cuddle for 12 minutes straight. Giraffes choose to "kiss" quite a special way, that is, twisting each other's necks,... But human kissing proves to be "skillful and cultured" above all, because humans know how to learn from each other. movies, TV, and ever-improving ways to show affection.

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