What is Mewing and how does it work?

Mewing method was introduced by Professor Mike Mew as a cosmetic method without surgical intervention. However, does Mewing really help people to change their faces?

1. What is the Mewing Method? The Mewing method is the name for the term "PROPER TONGUE POSTURE", which refers to the correct placement of the tongue on the roof of the mouth. This method was developed by Professor Mike Mew as a representative method of the Orthotropics school, which includes exercises to help correct the posture of the face and mouth. From there, it leads to changes in bone structure, changing the lower jaw contour to become more aesthetic without surgery.
mewing là gì
Giải đáp mewing là gì?

2. How is the mewing method done? The Mewing method is performed in the following sequence:
Close the lips slowly; The lower teeth are pulled back so that the lower jaw is always behind the upper jaw and the distance between the two jaws is small enough; Next, the entire tongue is brought up and placed on the roof of the mouth at the top so that the tongue is always in a relaxed position; The tip of the tongue is placed in the position of the gums behind the front teeth, taking care not to touch the front teeth of the upper jaw.

3. What should be kept in mind when performing a side Mewing? Performing the Mewing method is very beneficial in the field of orthodontics. In fact, there is no denying the benefits that the Mewing method brings to the practitioner, but when performing this method, the practitioner should pay special attention to the following points:
The Mewing method takes a lot of time to do. getting used to it because training the tongue in the right position will be quite new compared to the fact that we are used to relaxing the tongue in the roof of the mouth from small to large. However, over time, if we persist in doing it, we will do it very easily and can put the tongue right in the standard position, it will no longer take too much time to practice like at first; To perform the Mewing method properly, the practitioner needs to relax the tongue before performing. This method can be done by preparing to pronounce the letter "N" and then keeping the tongue position so that the tongue does not touch the teeth; When performing the Mewing method, it is necessary to ensure that the practitioner can still breathe evenly through the nose, not through the mouth; When correctly performing the Mewing method, the practitioner will initially feel uncomfortable tension in the facial muscles and chin or jawbone, but this will decrease over time; Adjusting the jawbone and the face to always be in a straight line with the chest even when the practitioner is sitting or standing, maintaining this posture becomes the second habit of the body after placing the tongue in the correct position.
mewing là gì
Mewing là một phương pháp tuyệt vời trong việc cải thiện thẩm mỹ khuôn mặt

4. How does the Mewing method change the face? According to Professor Mike Mew, when the Mewing method is repeated continuously and regularly, it will affect the musculoskeletal system and facial bone structure, thereby bringing the desired aesthetic results to the practitioner. However this does not happen on all instances of the Mewing method implementation. But most Mewing practitioners find the points where Mewing deviation can change the face:
Development of the face forward: The Mewing method helps to raise the bridge of the nose, the lower jaw line is more beautiful. . In addition, the facial contours of Mewing practitioners become naturally sharp when viewed at an angle. The change of tilt angle in a positive direction without the need for rhinoplasty, jaw reduction... is the reason why many people want to practice the Mewing method. However, the effectiveness of the surgical method cannot be denied, the surgery will have broader results and the change is also more proactive according to individual preferences. Besides, the Mewing method is very safe as well as much more cost-effective; Face lift: The small space created when the tongue is gently placed on the roof of the mouth acts as an anti-gravity chamber, this chamber will give the effect of lifting the face, eliminating wrinkles and reducing the formation of deep grooves. The muscle lifting also helps to make the contour of the lower jaw line of the Mewing method clearer, thereby making the face sharp, not mixed with the neck area; The Mewing method is much gentler than a facelift with botox injections, implantation or surgery... The mewing method does not reduce facial fat but instead tightens facial muscles and speeds up the process. burn excess fat; Mewing method helps to make the face flatter, chin protruding forward. When evaluating the relationship between lips - nose - chin, experts often apply the concept of "E aesthetic line", this is the line connecting the top of the nose and the top of the chin, according to which a face is considered harmonious when there are The most protruding point of the lower lip is 2mm behind this line, and the upper lip is slightly backward compared to the lower lip; The Mewing method makes the upper jaw grow upwards, the lower jaw tends to rotate, leading to a higher chin and nose, a flatter and more beautiful angle. However, in adults, it will be difficult to change the facial structure if only the Mewing method is applied, so when practicing Mewing, it needs to be combined with other methods. Note, if the practitioner has a receding chin, they need to be really persistent because in order to rotate the chin forward relative to the base of the skull they can take up to 1-2 years of hard practice combined with other jaw exercises; Shorter face: When the tongue is properly placed in the Mewing method, the middle face layer will become slimmer, leading to a shorter face feeling, contributing to the lower jaw to become balanced, slim, Vline; Make the forehead less steep: If the head posture is not cared for properly, it will lead to the wrong head position, the frontal occipital muscle tends to tighten over time, making the forehead steeper. The Mewing method is very good at supporting forehead slopes, some young people take as little as 3 - 6 to start noticing a difference.

5. Risks when performing the wrong method of mewing Jaw muscle is a complex part, so changing the structure will affect many other parts causing other problems such as:
Crooked teeth; Misalignment of the upper or lower jaw; Pain or dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint; Loose teeth. Mewing is an excellent method in improving facial aesthetics and improving quality of life. However, if you have problems related to your teeth, you should immediately contact your doctor for early diagnosis and treatment.
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