Would you eat more if you slept less?

The habit of not getting enough rest causes many negative effects on human health and physicality. According to a study, lack of sleep can increase calorie consumption, which means eating more. On the other hand, a poor diet and excessive weight can also stem from lack of sleep.

1. How is weight gain due to less sleep explained?

The relationship between less sleep, lack of sleep and more eating may be related to the hormonal functions of the body. A good night's sleep promotes a healthy balance of hormones, including those that regulate appetite, digestion, and metabolism.
A good night's sleep promotes healthy production of appetite-controlling hormones, including leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is a peptide hormone that regulates your body's energy balance by hindering feelings of hunger and regulating fat storage. Whereas ghrelin is a hormone secreted in the stomach, they act as a neurotransmitter that promotes appetite, increases fat production, and regulates the distribution and rate of energy use. Getting enough sleep will allow the body to regulate the production of these two hormones properly, creating a balance between cravings and feelings of fullness. Likewise, lack of sleep can create an imbalance in the body that increases ghrelin levels and decreases leptin levels. This can make you feel hungrier during the day and stimulate you to eat more. Thus, an imbalance caused by lack of sleep, less sleep can lead to a higher calorie intake, causing weight gain because of less sleep.
Additionally, sleep loss can affect how your body responds to the production of insulin - the hormone that regulates blood sugar. This leads to a higher risk of diabetes, which changes the way the body converts food into energy. Obesity is considered a major predictor of diabetes.

2. Would you eat more if you slept less?

The researchers noted that sleep-deprived people tended to consume less fat and protein while their carbohydrate intake was still consumed slowly. Although epidemiological studies have shown a link between sleep deprivation and obesity, as well as an association between short sleep duration and high body mass index (BMI), researchers have yet to identify it. How much influence of sleep deprivation on appetite.
In addition to inhibiting leptin and ghrelin production, lack of sleep can also lead to feelings of fatigue. People who feel fatigued (especially older adults) are less likely to engage in physical activity. Fatigue can also affect BMI.
Sleep duration has been shown to affect appetite and calorie intake, however sleep quality is also important. Poor sleepers, especially women, are more likely to "favor" a less healthy diet, which puts them at higher risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity.
ăn nhiều hơn ngủ ít đi

When researchers compared people who were allowed to sleep as much as they wanted with those who slept less, sleeping only two-thirds of their usual time, they found that sleep deprivation was associated with more eating. When people are sleep deprived, they eat an extra 549 calories per day, over a week's time they can gain weight. However, the study was only done for 8 days so it is not clear how long this weight gain effect will last.
This study was carried out on 17 people including men and women, aged 18-40 years at the sleep laboratory. Participants will wear a watch-sized device to track their sleep over three nights at home to gauge each person's normal sleep time. They will next begin an eight-day laboratory study of sleep.
Men and women were randomly assigned to sleep as much as they wanted or slept only 2/3 of their normal sleep time. During the stay-at-home phase, the average sleep duration was 6.5 hours. During the sleep lab phase, the sleep-deprived group averaged 5.2 hours per night, while the other group continued to sleep about 6.5 hours per night. Everyone was free to eat as much food as they wanted and the amount of food was recorded. The group of people who sleep less eat more
Thereby, if you are trying to maintain a reasonable weight or lose weight, getting enough sleep can be very important.

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