How does a vasectomy take place? Does it cause pain?

The article was professionally consulted by a Urologist - Department of General Surgery & Anesthesia - Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital.
Couples always wonder about choosing the right contraceptive method that is highly effective. A vasectomy is a permanent method of birth control with high effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, and the procedure is relatively simple.

1. What is a vasectomy?

Vasectomy, also known as male sterilization, is performed by tying the vas deferens to block the passage of sperm from the testicles to the seminal vesicles.
Men after vasectomy can still have normal sex and ejaculate (no sperm)

2. Who should have a vasectomy?

The subjects should consider using this method:
When the couple has had enough children and do not intend to have children. When a spouse has a genetic disease that can lead to unhealthy children. Some cases are contraindicated for vasectomy
Coagulation disorders Sexual dysfunction Abnormalities in the scrotum such as inguinal hernia, varicose veins, hydrocele, chronic inflammation and vestiges in the spermatic cord.
thắt ông dẫn tinh
Khi vợ hoặc chồng mắc bệnh có thể di truyền có thể sinh ra những đứa con không khỏe mạnh

3. How does a vasectomy work?

Before the procedure:
The doctor clearly explains the procedure. Preoperative examination of the area where the procedure will be performed. The patient is anesthetized and mildly sedated to relieve stress. Procedure:
The doctor makes a small incision in the scrotum, then conducts a vasectomy, after the surgery, the patient is sutured and the scrotum is bandaged. After the procedure, the patient rested for about 30 minutes and then went home to rest. Attention after surgery:
It is a fairly simple procedure that does not cause too much pain for the patient. However, after the anesthetic wears off, the patient may experience some discomfort, pain in the scrotum, and some difficulty urinating. Only take antibiotics for 5 days and if the pain is severe, you can take more pain reliever paracetamol. Note if there are symptoms of infection, swelling does not decrease, contact a doctor for advice and timely treatment.

4. How long can I have sex after a vasectomy?

Patients can have sex again one week after the vasectomy procedure. However, after a vasectomy is not immediately effective at preventing pregnancy, the patient should use condoms or other methods of contraception for the first 20 times of intercourse.
Vasectomy is performed simply, does not cause too much pain for the patient, does not affect the sexual activities of the patient. In order to reduce the pressure on women about childbirth, husbands should consider permanent sterilization.
Urology surgeons at Vinmec International General Hospital have been intensively trained and participated in many scientific seminars on the field of nephrology, urology, and male studies domestically and internationally. The doctor has many years of experience in the field of kidney surgery - urology - andrology.

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