How does a stent remove a brain aneurysm?

Stent placement is considered a major revolution in the treatment of brain aneurysms, bringing high treatment efficiency. The diverter stent fills the aneurysm neck, restricts blood flow into the aneurysm, minimizes the risk of aneurysm rupture, and saves the patient's life.
After being officially recognized in the US in 2011, flow-diversion stenting for cerebral aneurysm treatment quickly became popular worldwide. In the past, treatment of these aneurysms often used open surgery or intravascular intervention. With these methods, about 20-30% of patients have a risk of death or disability, 20% relapse after 5 years of treatment.
In Vietnam, stenting to treat brain aneurysm started to be applied from 2012 - 2013. Vinmec International General Hospital has performed stenting to treat brain aneurysms since 2016 with good results: Cure up to 90-95% for giant brain aneurysms, reducing treatment risk to less than 5% for most aneurysms.
Giant cerebral aneurysm is a large dilatation of cerebral blood vessels due to a weaker-than-normal vessel wall, possibly due to vascular degeneration in the elderly or pathology that causes weak vessel walls in young people. Giant cerebral aneurysms have a very high risk of hemorrhagic events and/or cerebral infarction later on: 60-70% with giant aneuryss will get worse after 5 years, and the risk of death up to 70-90%.
If there is a sudden severe or persistent headache that is poorly responsive to medical treatment, hemiparesis, weakness, double vision, mouth distortion, sudden blurred vision, or disturbances of consciousness such as lethargy, coma, the patient needs to go to the hospital immediately for early detection and treatment.

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