How is malocclusion treated?

The article was professionally consulted by Dr. Pham Thi Hien - Doctor of Dental - Jaw - Facial - Doctor of Dental - Jaw - Department of Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital
Misaligned bite not only adversely affects eating, but also detracts from facial aesthetics. Therefore, patients with this condition should perform malocclusion surgery or apply some other treatment methods to adjust the jaws and face to become more balanced.

1. What is malocclusion? What types of malocclusion are there?

Malocclusion is a condition when we close our mouth, the two jaws do not fit together, affecting chewing and swallowing, difficulty when moving the jaw and reducing the balance of the face. There are the following common types of malocclusion:
Overbite: is a malocclusion when the lower jaw bone grows too long, forward too much while the upper jaw bone is too short, inward. This condition makes the face unbalanced and makes it difficult to move the jaw. Deep bite: is an imbalance between the upper jaw and the lower jaw, the lower jaw recedes deeper than the upper jaw. When looking at the side, you will see that the lower jaw is mostly covered, like a person with a protrusion. Cross bite: not shown on the face but only when smiling. People with crossbite have teeth that are misaligned, not in the correct order, not clear or underbite. Open bite: is one of the most serious malocclusions, greatly affecting the aesthetics and function of both teeth. This condition is manifested by the group of open front teeth, the incisors in the upper and lower jaws do not touch each other, the tongue can be seen when the teeth are closed at rest.

2. Treatment methods for malocclusion

The treatment for cases of malocclusion is not simple, requires comprehensive and accurate solutions after a thorough examination. Here are some treatments for malocclusion:
Các phương pháp điều trị lệch khớp cắn
Niềng răng để chỉnh khớp cắn về đúng vị trí

Aesthetic braces: Braces are an effective way to straighten teeth and correct bite. This method has an overall effect on the teeth so that they return to their original position, in balance between the two jaws. Cosmetic porcelain crown: applied to cases of slight bite deviation such as wide teeth, crooked teeth, indented growth, ... not due to the jawbone and the patient needs quick treatment. Surgery for malocclusion: braces are only the solution to be applied when teeth are crowded and messy. Braces will not work if the cause of the malocclusion is due to a misaligned jawbone. In this case, surgery is the best option. With the support of modern equipment, the doctor will directly affect the patient's jawbone, cut a part of bone or add bone depending on the type of defect of the patient. Jaw dislocation surgery only adjusts so that the two jaws become balanced, helping to reconstruct a standard bite.

3. Misalignment surgery at Vinmec Times City

For people with severe malocclusion, difficult to adjust by braces or porcelain crowns, surgery is the most ideal treatment method. Currently, Vinmec Times City International Hospital is providing jaw bone correction surgery services for patients with deformity, malocclusion, sequelae of maxillofacial fracture or cleft palate. The surgical method of malocclusion at Vinmec corrects malocclusion due to bone structure; return the function of chewing, biting, breathing well; help the patient's face become more balanced and harmonious.
Điều trị lệch khớp cắn bằng phương pháp phẫu thuật
Điều trị lệch khớp cắn bằng phương pháp phẫu thuật tại bệnh viện Vinmec

Vinmec Times City International General Hospital applies the closed malocclusion treatment process as follows:
Examination with a surgeon, orthodontist, paraclinical doctor to accurately assess the medical condition, Plan and evaluate the need for orthodontic treatment before surgery or not. Orthodontics before surgery if necessary and prepare the surgical tray. Perform malocclusion surgery. Advantages after surgery: bite into the intended position, harmonious facial proportions, reduce swelling in the face after surgery.
Visited and performed surgery by Dr. Nguyen Dang Dai - Aesthetic doctor at Vinmec Times City International Hospital with 9 years of experience in Orthopedic Trauma, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery America.
Vinmec is the ideal malocclusion treatment option for patients with occlusal problems. Not only has a transparent medical examination, planning and surgery process, modern facilities, but also a team of experienced doctors and nurses, who are intensively trained in surgical techniques for malocclusion.

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