How long is the incubation period for measles?

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The average incubation period for measles is 7-21 days (median 10 days). In this stage, the patient does not have any clinical symptoms, so the patient or his family does not know he has the disease.

1. What is measles?

Measles is a common infectious disease in young children. People who have never had measles or have not been vaccinated against measles are often susceptible to the measles virus.
Measles is caused by a virus. The virus is spherical in shape, about 120-250 nm in diameter, and contains single-stranded RNA strands. Measles virus is a homogenous virus and there is no variation in viral structures, so after measles infection, antibodies against this virus are produced for long periods of time.
Measles virus usually enters the body of an infected person through the nose, throat and eyes. This virus will multiply in the lymphatic system where it enters and in the cells of the upper respiratory tract, then travel through the blood and cause disease.
Currently, thanks to active vaccination, the mortality rate from Measles has decreased significantly. Worldwide, every year about 100,000 people die from measles, mainly children under 5 years old - mostly in underdeveloped countries, with low measles vaccination rates.

2. Clinical forms of measles

Incubation period for measles: 7- 21 days (average 10 days). At this stage, the patient does not have any clinical symptoms, so the patient or family members do not know they have the disease.
Sốt cao, xuất hiện tình trạng chảy nước mũi là triệu chứng nhận biết của bệnh sởi

Typical form:
Onset stage: about 2-4 days, the patient has high fever, cough, runny nose..., eye conjunctivitis, Koplik's granules can be seen Full stage: lasts 2-5 Usually, after 3-4 days of high fever, the patient begins to have a rash, the rash is pink in color, maculopapular, when the skin is tight, the rash disappears. Measles begins to appear behind the ears, back of the neck, forehead, face, neck and then gradually spreads to the trunk and extremities, both on the palms and soles of the feet. Recovery phase: there is a rash that fades to gray, scabs of dark chalk, leaves bruises and disappears in the same order as when it appeared. Atypical form:
Clinical manifestations may appear transient mild fever, mild inflammation, little rash, good general condition. This form is easily overlooked leading to the spread of disease without knowing it. Patients may also have persistent high fever, atypical rash, body aches and pains.

3. How long does it take to recover from measles?

Thời gian khỏi bệnh sởi phụ thuộc vào nhiều yếu tố
Measles has two forms, the common form and the complicated form. Both diseases have the same symptoms as above, but in the form of complications, the disease will last longer and have a greater risk of leaving sequelae.
In the normal form After about 6 - 10 days from the onset of symptoms, measles will be completely cured according to the development described above. Factors such as medical care, nutritional care, and prevention of complications play an important role in the recovery as well as the duration of treatment.
In the form of complications: pneumonia, digestion, encephalitis... Complications of pneumonia: often the common cause of death of people with measles, especially children. Gastrointestinal complications: diarrhea is a common complication. The most common complication, in addition, other gastrointestinal complications may occur such as gastroenteritis, mesenteric lymphadenitis... Neurological complication: is one of the severe complications of measles, usually occurs appear from the onset of the rash - usually on the 5th day, can leave sequelae or death. Thus, there is no universal answer to the question of how long measles will go away. Recovery time depends on many factors and depends on the type of disease you have. However, the average time to recover from measles is 1-2 weeks after the rash appears.

4 ways to prevent measles

Cách phòng tránh sởi bệnh học hiệu quả và lâu dài nhất vẫn là tiêm phòng vắc xin sởi
Ways to prevent measles include:
Isolate, limit contact with sick people, people suspected of being infected. If you have contact with sick people, you should wash your hands and disinfect them. Keep personal hygiene, living place, working place cool and clean. If there is an outbreak of measles, it is necessary to limit going to crowded places. There is currently no scientific evidence that coriander baths prevent measles. However, the most effective and long-term prevention of measles is still the measles vaccine. Infants who have received maternal immune antibodies transmitted through the placenta will have immunity until 6 months of age, many babies retain these antibodies until 9 months. From 9 months onwards Go, children need to be protected by the measles vaccine. Two doses of measles will be given when the child is 9 months old and a booster shot when the child is 18 months old. When the first dose is given, the child will have about 80-85% immunity. After completing the 2nd dose, the child's immunity increases to 90-95%.
Vinmec International General Hospital is currently providing a Package Immunization Program with a variety of vaccines for different audiences, from infants, young children, adults, women before and during pregnant.

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