How much does NIPT fetal malformation test in Vinmec cost?

Early fetal screening helps parents detect some common diseases caused by chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome, Patau, Edward, Turner, Klinerfelter, etc., which is the basis for making timely intervention decisions. time. Today, chromosomal abnormalities can be screened as early as 10 weeks of gestation using NIPT.
With up to 99.9% accuracy and safety for both mother and baby, NIPT is recommended by today's medical organizations and professionals for all pregnant women of all ages and ethnicities , especially in the high-risk group. This advanced technique being deployed at Vinmec Hospital can bring remarkable improvement in the results of prenatal screening, helping to intervene early and effectively with fetuses with anomalies. Below is the cost of NIPT fetal malformation test at Vinmec

1. Which pregnant mother should do the test?

Currently, doctors recommend that not only pregnant women with a family history of genetic diseases, but all pregnant women need to undergo prenatal screening. However, to choose a method of non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPT), pregnant women need to consult with obstetricians and genetic specialists. Below,
High maternal age (over 35 years old) History of birth with birth defects, consecutive miscarriages, stillbirth Abnormal ultrasound results or Double test/Triple test results in the risk group High Family history of genetic disease related to Chromosomal mutations

2. NIPT can detect

a. Singleton pregnancy screening
Abnormalities in number of chromosomes
Down syndrome (trisomy 21) Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18) Patau syndrome (trisomy 13) Sex chromosome abnormalities
Turner syndrome ( monosomy X) Klinefelte syndrome (XXY) Trisomy XXX Microdeletion mutations
Digeorge syndrome (22q11 deletion) Angelman syndrome (15q11 deletion) Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (1p36.4p) syndrome Cri-du-chat (takes 5 minutes) b. Screening for identical or fraternal twins
Chi phí xét nghiệm dị tật thai nhi NIPT tại Vinmec là bao nhiêu?
Các hội chứng di truyền của thai nhi thường gặp

3. Testing time?

From the 10th week of pregnancy onward
Time to return results: 10-14 days

4. Cost of NIPT prenatal screening at Vinmec

Cost of Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening Service (NIPT) (Hongkong) approx: 12,000,000 VND (Price may change from time to time without notice)
Not applicable with other package programs. Customers please contact Vinmec hotline for detailed information Applicable to customers who come naturally and customers who contact to book in advance via call center 0899.648.761 or hotline Applicable place: Gene Technology Department - Institute of Medical Research stem cells and Vinmec gene technology.

5. NIPT . Screening Process

Chi phí xét nghiệm dị tật thai nhi NIPT tại Vinmec là bao nhiêu?
With a team of experienced experts who are professionally trained in the country and in countries with leading scientific development in the world such as Germany, UK, France and a system of modernly equipped machinery when considering NIPT fetal malformation test at Vinmec will give fast, accurate and outstanding safety results.
For more information about fetal malformation testing NIPT can go directly to the nearest hospital or call for support.
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