If you have 1 of the 5 signs below, you may have breast cancer

According to the statistics of the Central Hospital K, every year in Vietnam there are 165,000 new cancer cases, of which more than 15,000 cases of breast cancer, accounting for 9.2%. Notably, in recent years, the age of Vietnamese women with breast cancer tends to be younger and younger.
Therefore, equipping yourself with knowledge about this disease is extremely necessary. In addition to regular breast cancer screening, self-detection of abnormalities will help women proactively go to the hospital early for effective treatment. Below, Vinmec would like to point out 5 early warning signs of breast cancer.
5 common signs of breast cancer in women
1. Pain or discomfort in the breasts or breasts
Sharp pain in the chest occurs often. However, the pain only lasted for a short period of time, like a slight electric current.
2. Small lump or thickening other than the surrounding tissue in the breast
This is the most common sign in people with breast cancer. Most tumors are hard lumps that are painless to the touch.
If you find a lump or other change in your breast, even if a recent mammogram is normal, make an appointment with your doctor for a quick diagnosis and evaluation.

Changes in breast shape and size Breast shape and size also tell you a lot about your own health status. Sometimes, many women can't feel the tumors hidden inside, but they detect abnormalities in the breasts such as larger breasts, lower back, imbalance compared to the opposite breast. 4. Change in nipple Change in nipple is one of the signs that are easy to detect with the naked eye and is common in many women when they are sick. Nipples are often flattened, inverted, and pulled up or down. Yellow or bloody discharge. The skin around the nipple can be scaly, inflamed, and flaky in the pigmented skin around the nipple (areola). 5. The breast shows signs of swelling and redness The skin of a breast area is red, red, or pitted (such as orange skin), which may be accompanied by itching. This is an often overlooked sign of breast cancer that is inflammatory or has infiltrated the skin. Instructions on how to self-check your risk of breast cancer at home Many women are still subjective about the status and abnormal signs of their body. In fact, there are many cases where patients when they come to the hospital for treatment are already in a severe stage with complications. Arriving late, the treatment will be much more difficult and expensive. More importantly, it will lose the opportunity for breast conservation treatment, which symbolizes the beauty of women, affects family happiness, quality of life and life expectancy. To protect their own health, the Women need to self-check their risk of breast cancer at home to detect signs of the disease at the earliest stage. You should massage yourself, check your breasts monthly. The most appropriate time is when the menstrual period has just ended, the breast is soft, the tumor is easy to feel, or the skin on the breast has an unusual thickness. The operation is very simple as follows:
Stand or sit in front of the mirror: Put your hands down to see more clearly changes in the chest area such as lumps, thickening, concave skin or change in skin color, ... For better observation, you can put your hands behind the nape of the neck. or put your hands on your hips and perform chest muscle movements up and down. Palpate the breast while standing or sitting: Feel both breasts in turn. Use 4 fingers (pointer, middle, ring, pinky) to put together in a flat surface, press evenly on the chest wall in the direction of the spiral from the nipple to the outside. Note the entire breast. Feel the breast while lying down: Women who perform this maneuver can lie on their back comfortably, place a thin pillow under their back and perform the same operation as standing in front of a mirror. Vinmec – a reliable breast cancer examination and treatment address Not all women can detect abnormal signs of the body in time as above. According to statistics, up to 70% of women are diagnosed with breast cancer when the disease is at an advanced stage. Therefore, in order to prevent and prevent the disease, women should go to specialized medical facilities. Professional, reputable for regular health checkup. With a team of experts, doctors with many years of experience and modern equipment system, Vinmec is ready to:
Consult, examine and treat patients . Screening and early detection of breast cancer, providing the opportunity for breast-conserving surgery; maintain quality of life, save costs, treat patients. A variety of service packages provide many options for women who need advice, support in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. >>See more: Nutrition to support breast cancer patients - Article by Dietitian Nutritionist Bui Van Dien - Vinmec Times City International Hospital

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