Learn about exudative nasopharyngitis

The article was professionally consulted by Dr. CCII Nguyen Van Thai - Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Vinmec Danang International General Hospital. Thai doctor has more than 17 years of treatment experience, especially in the field of Head and Neck Surgery.
Nasopharyngitis is a fairly common disease and anyone is at risk. The initial sign may be just an inflamed nasal mucosa, not a cause for concern, but if left untreated for a long time, it will cause dangerous complications.

1. What is secretory nasopharyngitis?

Rhinitis, exudative pharyngitis is a condition in which mucus appears in the nose and throat when the patient has acute nasopharyngitis or flu. This disease mainly forms when the weather changes, especially the season change. In addition, living in an environment with too much humidity or pollution also increases the risk of disease.
Nasopharyngitis exudative is very easy to form on the body of children and people with weak resistance, if not treated promptly can cause many other superinfections. However, it is necessary to distinguish exudative nasopharyngitis from rhinosinusitis, so when the disease is first detected, it is only necessary to use vasoconstrictor drugs and drugs to reduce secretions, the disease will be better without using antibiotics.

2. Causes of secretory nasopharyngitis

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Thời tiết thay đổi quá nhanh sẽ khiến cho cơ thể không kịp thích nghi và dễ bị viêm mũi họng xuất tiết
Secretory nasopharyngitis is one of the respiratory diseases that can be encountered in any subject, especially in those with poor resistance. Some factors are thought to be the main causes of the disease:
Bacterial: When the body is attacked by bacteria and fungi from the outside, it is very easy to get sore throat and some other diseases. . Due to the environment and weather: The weather changes too quickly, it will make the body not able to adapt quickly and easily get nasopharyngitis secretion. In particular, living in a polluted environment (air, dust, etc.) is also the cause of the disease. Due to exposure to allergens that cause allergies: Animal hair, pollen, cleaning chemicals... can also cause irritation, if the body is sensitive, it is easy to get rhinitis, inflammation throat secretions. In addition, the abuse of fast food, foods containing many stimulants can also be the cause of secretory nasopharyngitis.

3. Warning symptoms of exudative nasopharyngitis

The warning symptoms of exudative nasopharyngitis are often nonspecific and difficult to recognize until the disease is severe.
When the disease is first contracted, there will be signs like a cold with signs of headache, chills, body fatigue and then when the disease gets worse, more recognizable signs will appear such as:
Throat sore and dry: Rhinitis, exudative pharyngitis will cause a burning sensation in the throat and dry hot for the patient, so the patient always feels thirsty. When the disease is severe, the pain can spread to the ear area and is accompanied by a dry cough, a prolonged condition will make the patient lose his voice, hoarseness and unable to talk. Clinical examination will show that the surface of the pharynx is red: When the nasopharyngitis is exudative, the patient will be red in parts such as the anterior and posterior pillars, the back wall of the pharynx, the pharynx curtain... In addition Inflammation of the nose and throat with secretions also makes the patient feel uncomfortable, painful, do not want to eat and sleep. This prolonged situation not only affects health but also can cause other more dangerous complications for patients such as excessive rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic sinusitis, otitis media .. .

4. How to effectively treat secretory nasopharyngitis?

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Rửa xoang mũi họng bằng nước muối sinh lý 0,9% hàng ngày
In order to have an effective treatment plan for exudative rhinitis, it is first necessary to determine what is the cause of the disease. Patients need to conduct tests, take X-rays, ... and depending on each specific case, the doctor will designate the most appropriate treatment plan, which can be:
Wash the sinuses and throat with water physiological salt 0.9% daily. With this method, the patient just needs to put salt water into a clean bottle with a spray nozzle and sit in an upright position, with the head tilted 45 degrees, tilted to the left, then spray water into the right nostril. Using drugs to help reduce secretions: Some commonly prescribed drugs are H1 antihistamines whose main effect is to help inhibit the release and activity of histamine, thereby preventing allergies from occurring. in patients with exudative nasopharyngitis. Use anti-nasal sinusitis secretions: This drug has a main ingredient of corticosteroids and is prepared in spray form. However, patients should take the drug for no more than 7 days and only use it when prescribed by a doctor, if overdose can lead to unwanted consequences. In addition, patients with rhinitis, exudative pharyngitis can also use drugs to help dry the surface of the nasal mucosa to help fight inflammation, reduce swelling effectively or if the patient does not respond to conventional treatments. It may be indicated for treatment by sinus contact method, surgery.
In summary, exudative rhinitis is a disease that anyone is at risk of contracting, although not life-threatening, but without proper treatment, it will lead to serious consequences. , directly affect the health and life of patients. Therefore, it is very important to actively learn about this disease and prevent it.

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