Meditation and yoga therapy for children with autism

“Meditation and Yoga can sometimes be the first place where autistic children learn the joys of sharing, imitating, and playing together.” There is a natural affinity between children and yoga, as yoga focuses on the whole young person, including the brain-body connection. Yoga also strengthens and reorganizes the nervous system, which is essential for children with special needs (Childrensyoga).

1. The Role of Meditation and Yoga

Children with autism face many difficulties in important areas such as communication, language, play, self-care, emotional skills...Through yoga meditation combined with appropriate early intervention methods help children manage behavior, support play, emotional skills, sensory regulation, practice imitation, motor and communication skills, social interaction, language are also encouraged. encourage development.
The science of yoga is not a new topic. This subject has been practiced for thousands of years. We should consider Yoga as a pure science, aimed at improving health. Yoga has no religious or regional background. People of any faith, anywhere in the world can practice yoga.
Yoga is gaining popularity in the treatment of various diseases. Doctors all over the world are acknowledging the effects of stress on the human body and various diseases. In addition to the usual medical and surgical treatments, the practice of yoga is becoming a recurring practice. Practicing yoga helps individuals understand the true nature of their illness and helps them adjust to their lifestyle. (Medicine for Yoga Therapists - Pakidi Nagaraja Rao MBBS FACA FICA DAC FAAPMR D-PMR (USA) Professor and Professional Director of Yoga College, Jigani, Bengaluru Karnataka, India).
Yoga teaches us to be good people and to control our sense organs. Most special children in general or children with autism in particular have difficulty in sensory processing (SPD) of one or more senses. Yoga and meditation are a discipline or solution that can help children with sensory processing disorders, help them calm, relax, and regulate feelings.
Trẻ tự kỷ
Đa số trẻ tự kỷ gặp nhiều khó khắn trong giao tiếp, hành vi
Not only that, meditation and yoga are also considered a supportive therapy for people who are having psychological problems: anxiety disorders, depression, psychological trauma... Even for ordinary people often yoga and meditation is a great discipline to help us train both physically and mentally, practice perseverance and most of all, direct people to a healthy lifestyle!
In particular, the correct practice of yoga meditation can change the workings of the mind and help in achieving concentration, increasing one's awareness, understanding and compassion, love.

2. Meditation and Yoga therapy in the treatment of children with autism

At the Clinic and Educational Psychology Unit of the Vinmec Times City Hospital's Regenerative Medicine Center, after a period of application, "Meditation - yoga therapy" is evaluated as one of the intervention methods. contributing to positive and progressive results for children with autism, children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and children with learning difficulties.
Yoga cho trẻ tự kỷ
“Thiền – yoga trị liệu” đem lại nhiều kết quả tích cực cho trẻ
With delicate and flexible techniques, yoga-meditation therapists will connect and interact with children in a holistic way, from sensory regulation, psychological/emotional balance to physical activity. . Here are a few points of yoga practice and its healing benefits for children (and adults as well):
Mantra (yoga sounds): the use of vibration and phonics helps to calm and collect attract attention. Encourages speech and language development. Helps establish eye contact. Pranayama (breath awareness): the effect of deep breathing is calming. Children have the ability to learn how to breathe to regain their composure. Breathing exercises encourage the development of breathing that supports speech and postural stability. Children with hyperactivity or irregular activity levels respond very well to breathing exercises to calm and stabilize activity levels. Asana (poses and exercises): helps develop all aspects of motor skills, including general awareness of the body and position in space. Savasana (deep relaxation): Just a few brief moments of stillness can be of great benefit to children who are on the move, unable to stop. At this point, can roll a ball slowly up and down the body with moderate pressure, Meditation (silent/awake time): develop attention span, ability to sit still and focus. Helps relieve anxiety and clears the mind of trivial thoughts so that you can better absorb new knowledge. Using poems, songs, and yoga affirmations is a good place to start, such as: “I am happy, I am healthy.” Games, tools to support movement, regulate feelings: Movement games help children release energy, support children with autism how to play, social interaction and exercises to help children with emotional processing disorders. living and learning. With the desire to bring love, respect for children's differences and give them the best, the Yoga Meditation experts at the Clinic and Educational Psychology Unit of Vinmec Center for Regenerative Medicine always constantly training, learning and drawing experience to improve the quality of services as well as help autistic children have a great choice to relax, learn, practice and develop every day. !
Clinic and educational psychology unit of Vinmec Times City Hospital's Regenerative Medicine Center is a pioneer in applying scientific and artistic methods to assess and treat children with autism, bringing effective results. high.
Areas of intervention in educating children with autism at Vinmec
Pediatric psychiatry Clinical psychology - educational psychology Special education Speech therapy Meditation - yoga therapy Music therapy Fine art therapy Doctor's team Doctors, therapists and teachers at the Center are trained at prestigious schools: University of Education, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Hanoi National University, Academy of Educational Management... Dong regularly learning to improve skills through short-term and long-term training courses at home and abroad with leading experts from the US, Australia, India, Italy.

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