Normal neurological and motor development in children 13 - 48 months old

The characteristics of physical development assessment of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam for children from 13 to 48 months below will help parents monitor and assess the child's development ability in the best way.

1. Characteristics of neurodevelopment, motor in children 13 - 18 months old

According to information from the Ministry of Health, for babies aged between 13 and 18 months, parents need to observe and monitor the baby's normal neurological and motor development through checking the baby's physical skills. the following skills:
Gross motor skills Between the ages of 13 and 18 months, children will begin to walk steadily, quickly and learn to walk up stairs. Therefore, for a 15-month-old baby who is not yet able to walk, parents need to pay attention to monitor and practice. Fine motor skills Children already know how to use their fingers easily: self-feeding, doodling. Know how to build a tower with square blocks. Seeds can be poured out of the jar when modeled or by the child himself. Language skills Children can say three single words. Usually, 18-month-old babies can't say long and complete sentences. Personal - social skills Children 13 - 18 months old know how to ask for things by pointing at what they want. Be able to imitate household chores such as cleaning and washing objects. Children have more contact with family members. Cognitive skills Children can express joy, anger, fear, and jealousy. Can understand simple sentences.
Đặc điểm phát triển thần kinh, vận động của trẻ 13 tháng tuổi
Trẻ bắt đầu đi vững, biết đòi đồ vật bằng cách chỉ trỏ trong độ tuổi từ 13 - 18 tháng tuổi

2. Neurological and motor development characteristics in 2-year-old children

Monitor the normal neurological and motor development of a 2-year-old baby by testing the following skills:
Gross motor skills 2-year-old child can run up stairs. Children know how to raise their feet to kick the ball without falling. 2-year-olds can throw the ball high. Fine motor skills Easy use of fingers: self-feeding but spills. Can imitate drawing vertical lines. Language skills Children 2 years old can say sentences of about 2-3 words. Children learn to ask for food or water. Able to go to the toilet by himself and know how to wash his hands. Participating in activities such as dressing, undressing, bathing... Cognitive skills Parents may ask children to point out body parts. Children can call names alone. 2-year-olds know how to go in the right direction.
Đặc điểm phát triển thần kinh, vận động của trẻ 2 tuổi
Khi đến 2 tuổi trẻ có thể tự đi vệ sinh, tự rửa tay

3. Characteristics of neurodevelopment, motor in children 36 - 48 months old

Monitor your baby's normal motor and neurological development between 7 and 9 months of age by testing the following skills:
Gross motor skills Preschooler motor development characteristics young, between 3 and 4 years old that is standing on one leg for a few seconds. Children can jump in place, jump over a low obstacle. Ride a tricycle. Fine motor techniques Easy use of fingers: drawing shapes, drawing circles, knowing how to build a pyramid with square wooden blocks (8 floors), mimicking a bridge... are motor development characteristics. of 4-year-old children. Language skills Children from 3 to 4 years old have a rapidly increasing vocabulary, can speak complex sentences. Personal and social skills Children can play with other children, sometimes by themselves. Know how to dress by yourself, choose the right and left slippers. Easier to separate from mother than before. Cognitive skills Children ask more questions. Can recognize some colors. Children can say their first and last names. Use words in the plural. Count parrots from 1 to 10.
trẻ chậm nói
Trẻ 4 tuổi nhưng vẫn chưa biết nói, phụ huynh nên đưa trẻ đi khám

4. Children 4 years old who still can't talk are late talkers?

The fact that 4-year-olds still do not know many words is very slow compared to the average age of 18 to 24 months - the age at which children can speak fluently. Therefore, if the child learns to speak late, parents should take the child to a medical facility or hospital to ask a doctor for early intervention.
What parents need to do is find out the cause of the child's language delay and general developmental delay. In fact, children learn to speak late for many reasons. Which may be due to common speech delay, in addition to a common psycho-physiological problem such as autism, developmental delay...
For accurate diagnosis, parents should take their baby to pediatric clinical psychology facilities in hospitals or neuropsychological clinics. Here, doctors and psychologists will examine and evaluate the situation in a more specific, intuitive and accurate way. If there is an abnormal problem, the doctor will have detailed instructions on how to treat the child with psychotherapy alone or psychotherapy combined with chemotherapy (drugs) if found that the child has other disorders. go with.
When your child has a speech delay, he or she needs to be taken to a pediatric psychiatry facility or a psychiatry facility with a pediatric psychiatry specialty. Psychological clinic - Vinmec Times City hospital with a team of highly trained Psychiatrists, including the field of Pediatric Psychiatry, will examine, evaluate and guide interventions for children with problems. on language development.
Use the Denver scale to assess the child's general development, autism assessment scales (if necessary), dental examination, ENT examination, EEG or brain imaging (if necessary) to comprehensive assessment of children's speech delay in order to provide appropriate diagnosis and intervention strategies.

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