Note on acute bronchitis in adults

The article is professionally consulted by Master, Doctor Nguyen Huy Nhat - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Danang International General Hospital.
The weather changes seasons, especially in the northern provinces, the rate of patients suffering from respiratory diseases increases. Common colds, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, bronchiolitis, pneumonia... In which acute bronchitis is the most common.

1. Acute bronchitis in adults

Acute bronchitis is a term used to refer to acute inflammation of the lining of the airways from the larynx down to the lung parenchyma. When the inflammation is only localized above the two vocal cords, doctors will diagnose an upper respiratory tract infection including: rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis...
The cause of bronchitis Acute is usually caused by viruses or bacteria. When the disease is cured, it usually leaves no sequelae.
This is the most common respiratory tract infection in daily life, it can be said that no one in life does not have a few times of acute bronchitis. Many cases of acute bronchitis will go away on their own, without treatment.
However, it should also be noted that many cases of acute bronchitis have atypical symptoms, causing misdiagnosis with other infections of the lung such as pneumonia, pus in the lung, or pus in the cavity. pleurisy...
Many people with acute bronchitis use antibiotics incorrectly, in many cases it is not necessary to use antibiotics but the patients buy antibiotics for themselves. Arbitrarily buying antibiotics for such use (even for those who really need them) often leads to choosing the wrong antibiotic, or buying the wrong dose, or not taking the necessary number of days. This often increases the cost of treatment for patients, in addition to sharply increasing antibiotic resistance in the community, which makes antibiotic use for later respiratory infections less effective. than.

2. Symptoms of acute bronchitis in adults

Bệnh viêm phế quản ở người lớn
Dấu hiệu của viêm phế quản cấp thường dễ nhận biết, bệnh thường xuất hiện sau một đợt cúm
Signs of acute bronchitis are usually easy to recognize, the disease often appears after a flu episode (the patient has fever, headache, body aches, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, runny nose). After that, the patient develops a cough that increases gradually, maybe a simple cough without sputum production, but many cases have cough and sputum production.
In this case, the patient should spit out sputum on a white sheet of paper, and recognize the color of his sputum. If the sputum is clear white, then the disease is usually only caused by a virus, but when the sputum is yellow, green, or cloudy like pus: These cases are usually acute bacterial bronchitis, and need to be checked. use antibiotics.
A very small number of cases of acute bronchitis may present with shortness of breath, or fever, possibly even chest pain. To avoid being confused with acute bronchitis with other respiratory infections, all cases of cough, sputum production, which are accompanied by only one of the following symptoms: The illness lasts more than 5 days, there are more symptoms of fever, difficulty breathing, chest tightness or extreme fatigue, ... need to see a doctor immediately.

3. Causes of acute bronchitis in adults

According to statistics, most of the causes of acute bronchitis come from the following factors:
Virus: Avian influenza virus, respiratory macrophage virus, SARS and some strains of herpes virus... It is the leading cause of acute bronchitis at the present time. Bacteria: A less common cause than viruses. However, acute bronchitis caused by bacteria Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, bacteria that cause pus... Are the culprits that cause the disease should not be ignored. Poor resistance: People with a weak or weakened immune system have a higher risk of acute bronchitis than the general population. Among them, the elderly and infants are the most common subjects. Pathology: Gastroesophageal reflux causes throat irritation; Lung diseases lead to lung damage and infections... Tobacco smoke: Nicotine contained in cigarette smoke is the cause of respiratory tract mucosal inflammation and serious damage. Acute bronchitis due to job characteristics: People who often have to work in dusty, chemical-laden environments (ammonia, chlorine...) are also very susceptible to the disease. Weather: A sudden change in weather can irritate the respiratory mucosa and lead to inflammation and swelling.

4. Prevention of acute bronchitis

Bệnh viêm phế quản ở người lớn
Loại bỏ yếu tố kích thích: Không hút thuốc lá
Eliminate triggers: Don't smoke; avoid smoke and dust inside and outside the house, polluted environment; keep warm in cold season. Vaccinate against influenza, pneumococcal, especially in cases of chronic lung disease, heart failure, splenectomy, over 65 years old. Treatment of infections of the ear, nose and throat, teeth and gums, immunocompromised state. Dental hygiene. Bronchitis as well as respiratory diseases are examined and treated by a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors at Vinmec hospital. Including Master, Doctor Nguyen Huy Nhat with many years of experience in the field of respiratory disease treatment at Hue Central Hospital, Hoan My General Hospital, .. before being a doctor of General Internal Medicine Department. Vinmec Da Nang International General Hospital.
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