Burn calories without exercise

Actually, the human body can burn calories without exercise and you can start doing it now. Just inhaling and exhaling properly, and doing something sedentary like reading a book can burn calories. The article will mention suggestions to help the body burn the most calories even without exercise.

1. Promotes basal metabolism

Basal metabolism is the process that occurs as soon as the body is inactive. It produces the energy needed to maintain basic bodily functions at rest, such as regulating body temperature, keeping the heart beating and breathing normal. So, the truth is that just sitting on the couch and staring into space can burn calories. Metabolism is known as BMR (basal metabolic rate) and it accounts for about two-thirds of the total calories burned each day. Specifically, the body burns about 40-55 calories / hour while sleeping and a little more when watching TV or reading a book.
Some people have higher BMR levels than others, but this change is not usually the reason for being overweight, obese or thin. And BMR levels can change over time. Metabolism can be accelerated when you're sick or if you gain extra muscle mass, and can slow down with age or as you lose weight.
In fact, a slow metabolic rate is one reason why dieters have a hard time continuing to lose weight because they tend to regain lost weight. Certain medical conditions (such as thyroid disease) and medications can affect metabolism in the body.

2. Exercising in place can burn calories

Many medical professionals often advise against sitting or standing for long periods of time. One way to burn calories and expend energy without exercise is to move in place. If you wiggle your feet, tap your feet, or rotate your pen, you're burning a small amount of calories, which can add up if you keep doing them for a day or a week. In fact, some studies have shown that in situ or other non-exercise movement (more common in thin people than obese) can burn up to 350 calories per day.
However, there is no clear evidence why some people prefer the aforementioned small movements while others do not. Some people get restless very easily and develop a habit of doing repetitive movements, which helps to burn a small amount of calories. In addition, being easily restless can have other benefits, such as improved concentration and increased learning.
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Vận động tại chỗ với những thao tác đơn giản có thể đốt calo

3. Intentional physical activity not exercise

If you are serious about burning the most calories without doing calorie burning exercises then change your daily routine to do more physical activity instead of sitting or standing for a long time at a location. Suggestions include:
Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator helps burn calories; Parking at the end of the parking lot so that you have to walk further to your destination also helps burn calories; Use restrooms at the back of the office instead of the closest one; Taking frequent breaks and getting away from your desk to relax and get around will help burn calories; During the call, you can enlist light weights or speed to burn calories from the body; Walk faster than your normal pace; Instead of sitting down for a meeting with a colleague or friend, hold the meeting while walking; Placing a document printer away from your desk can help burn calories; Consider buying a standing desk. Sometimes the little things mentioned above help burn calories effectively. Much of the writing is about maintaining a healthy weight through a focus on calorie intake - as evidenced by the numerous websites devoted to different diets and in diet books around the world. most stores. Measures to help burn the most calories are also often mentioned in exercise programs, introducing support equipment. Membership in fitness clubs has also become a popular choice these days when it comes to burning calories. The above proves that: Diet and exercise are the foundation of any plan as they help in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. However, there's no denying that you can still make a big impact in balancing calories versus calories burned by paying attention to the little things.

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Reference source: health.harvard.edu

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