Dangers of eating contaminated raw oysters

Eating raw oysters can provide many health benefits if consumed properly. However, eating raw oysters that have been contaminated with Vibrio bacteria can cause many dangerous diseases, even death. Knowing the potential dangers of eating raw oysters can effectively prevent you from contracting Vibrio bacteria.

1. Is eating raw oysters good for health?

Is it good to eat raw oysters? Raw oysters are a nutritious food and contain many hormones, especially zinc. According to experts, oyster meat usually has a sweet, slightly salty taste, is non-toxic, cool and can bring many health benefits if used correctly.
What are the benefits of eating raw oysters? In fact, a lot of evidence shows that eating raw oysters can treat insomnia, dizziness, dizziness, impotence, erectile dysfunction, women with menopausal disorders, anemia, and men with nightmares. sperm, impotence or infertility.
In addition, raw oysters contain many carbohydrates, proteins and a rich source of vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B3, vitamin C or vitamin D. Therefore, when eating raw oysters properly can help fight fatigue, enhance metabolism and anti-inflammatory ability in the body. Besides, eating raw oysters also helps provide the body with a large amount of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and iodine.
Many people wonder whether eating raw oysters is good, because it contains cholesterol. However, the cholesterol content in oysters is quite low, about 70 calories in 100 grams of oysters, so it is considered suitable for those who are applying a diet.
Although the consumption of raw oysters can provide a wide range of health benefits, it is not recommended for people suffering from indigestion, weak spleen, diarrhea, stomach pain and enteritis. Besides, you should also limit eating raw oysters with mustard, because mustard has a pungent taste, has the ability to irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes / nose and cause conditions such as watery eyes or burning in the dome. throat.
Raw oysters as well as other shellfish such as oysters or mussels are rich in zinc, which promotes metabolism and promotes health for children, men and women. However, raw oysters often grow mainly in coastal areas, which are very susceptible to parasites or disease-causing bacteria, so you need to handle raw oysters carefully before eating.
Ăn hàu sống dễ bị nhiễm các loại ký sinh trùng gây bệnh cho người
Ăn hàu sống dễ bị nhiễm các loại ký sinh trùng gây bệnh cho người

2. Dangers of eating contaminated raw oysters

Summer comes is the right time for outdoor barbecue parties with delicious raw oysters from the sea. However, eating raw oysters contaminated with bacteria can potentially cause many health hazards, even death.
You can get serious illnesses from eating raw oysters contaminated with Vibrio vulnificus – a bacteria found mainly in oyster-raising waters, which thrives during the summer when the water becomes warm. than. You can't tell if an oyster is infected with Vibrio vulnificus by looking at it and smelling it, health care professionals say. Just because an oyster is fresh doesn't mean it's safe and unpolluted, because bacteria in raw oysters usually live in the waters where live oysters feed.

3. People at high risk of getting Vibrio from raw oysters

People who regularly consume alcoholic beverages are at increased risk of liver disease and serious illnesses from eating raw oysters contaminated with bacteria. When you drink 2-3 alcoholic drinks a day, it can cause liver disease and cause liver failure years before symptoms start to appear. This can increase your risk of getting Vibrio vulnificus without you even realizing it.
In addition, diabetes, stomach disease, cancer, iron overload or any condition that requires medical treatment that weakens the immune system can also put a person at a higher risk of contracting Vibrio vulnificus when ingested. raw oysters.
Vibrio vulnificus infection from eating raw oysters is potentially life-threatening for most people. Symptoms of this bacterial infection usually occur within 24 to 48 hours of eating contaminated raw oysters and can include symptoms such as fever, sudden chills, nausea, vomiting, shock, diarrhea and skin lesions.
For people with certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer or liver disease can die from infection within two days. Therefore, anyone who shows signs of Vibrio vulnificus infection after eating raw oysters should see a doctor immediately for prompt treatment.
Ăn hàu sống có nguy cơ cao bị nhiễm vi khuẩn Vibrio
Ăn hàu sống có nguy cơ cao bị nhiễm vi khuẩn Vibrio

4. How to reduce the risk of eating raw oysters?

To avoid the risk of Vibrio infection when eating raw oysters, you need to choose oysters from reputable sources, ensuring oysters are taken from clean water areas. Some people think that simply adding lemon juice or hot sauce to raw oysters can kill bacteria, but the truth is that only heat kills these harmful bacteria. Therefore, before eating oysters, you should cook them thoroughly, avoid eating undercooked oysters.
If eating raw oysters at restaurants, you should order fully cooked oysters. In the case of home cooking, there are a few things to keep in mind:
When buying oysters, choose those with closed shells and discard those that have opened. Once the shells are open, boil them. raw oysters 3-5 minutes more. You should use a small pot to boil or steam oysters, do not cook too many oysters in the same pot because the ones in the middle may not be fully cooked. Once you understand the potential risks of eating raw oysters, you should consider and best eat cooked food to ensure health and minimize disease.

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Reference source: fda.gov

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