Gout prevention diet

Diet for gout patients has a great influence on the treatment of the disease. Therefore, in order to minimize the dangerous complications caused by gout, patients need to strictly adhere to the recommended diet.

1. Gout is a disease like?

Gout is a metabolic disorder related to eating problems, due to too high uric acid levels in the blood plasma leading to the deposition of urate crystals or uric acid crystals.
Accordingly, the deposition in the joints will cause the joints to become inflamed, causing pain. In the long term, the disease can become deformed and stiff. If deposited in the kidney, it will cause kidney disease caused by urate such as interstitial nephritis, kidney stones .... Gout is common in men aged 40 and older, the disease often recurs many times, not only affecting health patients but also affects quality of life.

2. What causes gout?

Some causes of gout:
Gout is more likely to happen in people with a family history of gout. Overweight and obese people.
Béo phì, thừa cân làm tăng nguy cơ mắc bệnh tiểu đường
Ở những người thừa cân thường có nguy cơ cao mắc bệnh gout

Due to an unreasonable diet, eating too many foods containing a lot of purines such as red meats and seafood. Drinking a lot of alcohol, addicted to coffee and stimulants. Because patients use a lot of diuretics such as hypothiazide, lasix... can increase uric acid and cause acute gout attacks.

3. Symptoms of gout

Some symptoms of gout
Acute arthritis: Swelling, pain in joints, especially the metatarsal joint and big toe. Urate stone deposition: This is a case of movable lumps or granules of urate under the skin under the earlobe, elbow, kneecap or near the heel tendon. Urate stones, uric acid in the renal - urinary system, interstitial nephritis, renal failure . Blood tests showed an elevation of uric acid above 400 micromol/liter.
Triệu chứng bệnh gout gây tình trạng sưng khớp đốt bàn chân

4. Dietary principles for gout patients

In order to minimize the complications caused by gout, the diet for people with gout needs to have enough energy, and at the same time have the necessary nutrients according to the nutritional needs of the patient. Accordingly, the diet for people with hyperuricemia has a weight within normal limits, avoiding overweight and obesity, but it is necessary to ensure enough nutrition, to avoid abstaining from ice cream leading to malnutrition.
The amount of protein (protein) is very necessary for the body, but the diet for people with excess protein will also be balanced at a moderate level, avoiding excessive tolerance to reduce the amount of purine in the meal, because of this substance. found in protein-rich foods, red meats. In addition, fat is also necessary for the body, but if you do not follow the principle, eating too much can cause excess fat, causing overweight, obesity, and hyperlipidemia.

5. Diet for people with gout

To minimize complications caused by gout, it is necessary to abstain from certain foods. However, to ensure health and not suffer from nutritional deficiencies, patients should maintain the following diet:
5.1 Foods gout sufferers should eat Gout patients should add 500-1000mg of vitamin C daily. Drink plenty of water daily to enhance uric acid excretion, should drink alkaline mineral water.
Uống nước
Người mắc bệnh gout nên uống nhiều nước hằng ngày giúp đào thải axit uric

People with gout should eat white meat, and at the same time limit eating red meat, because white meat often has less purines. It is possible to maintain the required amount of protein per day is 50-100g. It is recommended to use foods that have the function of eliminating uric acid in the blood such as cherries, strawberries, broccoli, oranges, sake leaves. Should replace the usual cooking oils with olive oil, peanut oil, sesame oil.... to reduce the amount of fat. In daily dishes should eat steamed, boiled dishes, minimize fried and fried foods containing a lot of fat. People with gout can comfortably use starchy foods and vegetables because starchy carbohydrates are an important food for gout patients. In particular, these foods all contain a safe amount of purines. Patients can eat green vegetables, cucumbers, cauliflower, noodles, vermicelli, vermicelli, bread potatoes, cereals,...
5.2. Some foods gout sufferers need to limit The foods gout sufferers should avoid are foods that contain high amounts of purines such as seafood, animal organs, game meat, poultry, and animals. shellfish (shellfish, snails, mussels...). Most foods easily increase the risk of developing acute gout. In addition, people with gout need to abstain from the following foods:
Some vegetables that are not good for gout patients are cabbage, spinach, asparagus and mushrooms. Limit the amount of fat in your daily diet by choosing lean meats, not animal skins, and low-fat dairy products. Avoid sour fruits, fermented foods such as pickled cucumbers, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts in the menu because they can increase the rate of uric acid synthesis in the body. Avoid alcohol because alcohol increases uric acid production in the liver and prevents the kidneys from excreting uric acid.
Hạn chế rượu bia
Người bệnh gout cần hạn chế tối đa việc sử dụng rượu bia

Some spices such as chili, pepper should also be used sparingly because the use of these spices can cause autonomic nervous excitement, causing gout recurrence.
Daily diet has a great influence on the treatment of the disease, so people with gout need to maintain a reasonable diet.
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