How many calories does a can of sweetened yogurt contain?

Yogurt is a dairy product that is fermented by bacteria. This is a food that contains many minerals such as lactic, probiotics, vitamins, calcium, zinc, ... to help support digestion and strengthen resistance.

1. Yogurt is a fermented milk product

Yogurt is a fermented dairy product. Accordingly, all types of milk can be used to make yogurt, but currently cow's milk is used the most. Yogurt is a lactic-fermented food from animal milk in general and milk such as: fresh cow's milk, powdered milk,... in particular, or after defatting and using pasteurization. to sterilize pathogenic bacteria at a temperature of 80-90°C.
Yogurt is fermented by milk by lactic acid bacteria, this phenomenon is called lactic fermentation. Lactic acid bacteria make the liquid in milk into a liquid containing a lot of lactic acid, making yogurt have a viscous and viscous taste with the following formula:
Lactose + (xt) lactic acid bacteria --> lactic acid + (little) energy.
From there, in milk the pH drops, the casein in the milk will coagulate and make the milk from liquid to thick.
Pribiotic có trong sữa chua
Sữa chua đem lại nhiều lợi ích cho sức khỏe

2. Ingredients in yogurt

Yogurt contains a lot of ingredients and minerals such as lactic acid, probiotics, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc. A box of yogurt has about 100-150 kcal energy corresponding to 180 grams including:
Energy: 100-150 kcal Fat: 3.5 grams Saturated fat: 2 grams Protein: at least 8-10 grams Sugar: 20 grams or less Calcium: contains at least 20% of the daily need for calcium Vitamin D: contains at least 20% of the daily need for vitamin D Yogurt has 2 types: unsweetened yogurt and sweetened yogurt. 1 box of sweetened yogurt in 100 grams provides 105 kcal. For unsweetened yogurt provides less calories about 85.3 kcal.
Sữa chua có tác dụng gì
Sữa chua không đường có hàm lượng calo thấp hơn sữa chua có đường

3. Uses of yogurt

Yogurt is a food supplement with many minerals and beneficial bacteria for the intestinal tract. In addition, yogurt has many uses including:
Supports the digestive system: yogurt has a lot of probiotic microorganisms, thus adding beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract. Strengthening the immune system: eating yogurt regularly will add many probiotics that have the ability to lower cholesterol, help prevent blood pressure and heart disease,... Weight loss: according to a study, eating yogurt helps the body secretes less cortisol and the fat is easily burned by amino acids, reducing the content of belly fat in the waistline. Protects teeth: lactic acid present in yogurt contributes to protecting gums very well. In addition, yogurt is low in fat so it does not cause dental problems. Supplement calcium to help strengthen bones and teeth Beauty, protect hair
Chăm sóc da sau phẫu thuật thẩm mỹ vùng mặt
Ăn sữa chua giúp bạn có làn da căng bóng
However, eating too much yogurt will increase the amount of acid and accumulate in the stomach, affecting the secretion of gastric juice. From there, it can lead to loss of appetite and long-term electrolyte imbalance in the body. In addition, the improper use of yogurt also causes abdominal pain, indigestion, flatulence, etc. Therefore, experts recommend only eating about 250 - 500g/day, corresponding to 2 boxes. yogurt. Some objects to consider using yogurt include:
Children under one year of age People who often have abdominal pain or bowel disease People with diabetes, atherosclerosis, pancreatitis, .. Yogurt is a food that contains many minerals such as lactic, probiotics, vitamins, calcium, zinc,... that help support digestion and strengthen resistance, beautify skin and lose weight,... However, you should not abuse it, but use it rationally or as recommended by nutritionists.
You can go to Vinmec International General Hospital to visit and receive advice, build a suitable diet from doctors and nutritionists.

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