How to eat moon cake without getting fat?

Video content is professionally consulted by Doctor, Doctor Ho Thu Mai - Head of Nutrition Department - Vinmec International General Hospital Time city
Moon cake is always labeled as a high-calorie food, easy to gain weight when eaten. So how to eat fat-free mooncakes? On average, a 200g mooncake contains up to 800 kcal. Because the ingredients in the cake include flour, sugar, butter, lard and the cake is also laced with a lot of fat and sugar, so mooncakes have a very high kcal.
To eat fat-free mooncakes, you should apply the following way: Eat mooncakes with green tea, thanks to the polyphenols in the tea, it will increase fat metabolism, reduce excess fat. Drinking tea is also a way to lower blood sugar. Should choose mooncakes made less sweet or use healthy ingredients such as oats, sweet potatoes... will be less fatty. If you eat a little more mooncakes, you should exercise more like jogging, cycling will help expend more energy.

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