Is it good for children to eat a lot of whey?

Today, children are using whey as a complementary food for snacks. However, not everyone learns or asks the question, is it good for children to eat a lot of whey? In terms of science, whey is the most refined and good for children, but how to use it and for what purpose is a difficult problem for parents who are taking care of their baby for the first time or having access to this food.

1. Skim milk is not a food to help children gain intelligence and gain weight quickly

Advertisements for the use of whey at agents or supermarkets are for reference only. There are many packages that claim that whey contains a lot of calcium and nutrients for the overall development of the baby. That is not entirely correct. Especially not recommended if parents let their children use it too soon.
Part of the price of each carton of whey is equal to a pack of yogurt . That's how mothers measure and quantify the value of whey. The sweet taste of this food makes the baby eat delicious. At the same time, many mothers advise each other to feed their children so that they gain weight evenly. However, the physical development also depends on the body of each child.
Most of the time when you eat whey every day, the excess fat will accumulate. It is also the reason why many babies look chubby and gain weight. Seeing the child eat and grow like that, the mother's confidence increases. But there are still cases where the baby does not gain weight when eating. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly identify and choose correctly when giving children to use. Whether parents give their children a lot of whey is good no longer depends on the purpose and usage. It is impossible to hear rumors that overfeeding children leads to digestive disorders or obesity.

2. Get rid of the idea that whey replaces breast milk or formula

According to health organizations, there is no basis for accurately assessing the composition of whey. The packaging labels also provide detailed information about this product's ingredients. The most obvious proof is in the familiar brand MONTE whey of mothers.
On the small box, the manufacturer only provides information about the proportion of ingredients. It doesn't make sense to use a nutritional rating for this product. Many other companies are in the same situation. Instead of indexes such as fat, sugar, iron, vitamins ... Manufacturers only announce ingredients such as cream, milk,...
According to leading nutrition experts, qualified whey will provides about 50% of the energy in each jar. Then 40% carbs include starch, sugar. Protein only accounts for a small part with additives to form the product.
If the manufacturer does not analyze and declare, it is difficult to accurately assess the nutritional composition of this food. Therefore, whey is a side dish for children. Especially breastfed children need balance. Instead of letting your baby eat full milk, give your baby full breast milk.
In all aspects, breast milk is the most natural and safest source of nutrition for babies. Micronutrients as well as nutrients are synthesized by the mother's body. Therefore, breastfed babies will quickly synthesize more nutrients when using products made from milk.
cho trẻ ăn nhiều váng sữa có tốt không
Cho trẻ ăn nhiều váng sữa có tốt không? là thắc mắc của nhiều phụ huynh

3. Is it as good as advertised for children to eat a lot of whey?

Some experts and doctors specializing in nutrition said that whey contains quite high fat content. According to the formula, 1g of fat will convert to 9 calories. But 1g of protein equals only 4 calories. Therefore, if children eat too much whey, it will be easy to lack protein and nutrients to nourish the body.
On the contrary, breast milk can provide babies with a lot of nutrients to help them develop. At the same time, if you use breast milk to make whey, it will also have quality and more nutrients than using a product that all information is too general.

4. Consequences of giving children too much whey

Most babies who eat whey regularly will gain weight. But that was not as good as the family wanted. Children face the risk of being overweight or obese. For the fat in the product has too much and does not provide enough protein and nutrients for the child.
Based on the composition, the researchers determined that the product does not have a balance of nutrients and is child-friendly. When giving children too much whey, causing rapid weight gain, the risk of chronic disease is also higher.
Is it good for children to eat a lot of whey because of the body of each child. Therefore, the need to eat is also not the same. But there is one thing that experts are certain that children will be malnourished. Then appeared some syndromes such as anemia, zinc deficiency, vitamin deficiency, dry eyes....
trẻ em ăn nhiều váng sữa có tốt không
Trẻ em ăn nhiều váng sữa có tốt không phụ thuộc vào liều lượng bố mẹ đưa ra cho trẻ

5. Guide parents to feed their children whey in the right way and with quality

To ensure the effect of whey, you should note that it is not used for children under 6 months of age. If children are overweight, obese or have intestinal problems, do not use it.
Children under one year old should eat 1⁄3 - 1⁄2 boxes per day depending on absorption capacity. When children over 1 year old can be increased to 1 box per day. However, if you want your baby to grow up healthy, make sure your baby is exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months.
Some experts recommend that, maintaining breastfeeding until 2 years old also increases the immunity of children. In parallel, the menu of additional nutritional dishes for the development of the baby also needs to be put on top. The older the child, the higher the need for absorption. So you need to always pay attention to the portion for the child.
Is it good for children to eat a lot of whey? it's all a mystery. Remember that everything should only be used correctly and sufficiently. Do not want your baby to gain weight but abuse whey too much. You can also get additional advice from your doctor for support.
In addition, to help children develop height, weight and intelligence. Parents should supplement their children with supporting products containing lysine, essential micro-minerals and vitamins such as zinc, chromium, selenium, and B vitamins to help fully meet the nutritional needs of children. At the same time, these essential vitamins also support digestion, enhance nutrient absorption, help improve anorexia, help children eat well, and develop comprehensively.
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