Making pancakes with glutinous rice flour or plain rice?

One of the popular snacks in Vietnam is banh xeo. Not only in Vietnam, Japan and some other countries in Asia also love this cake. This is a special cake with a variety of fillings and easy to eat. So make pancakes with glutinous rice flour or plain?

1. Explain the type of flour used to make delicious pancakes

Sticky rice has a sticky consistency, suitable for making cakes that require adhesion and flexibility. Especially when cooked, the stickiness of the cake is also increased. Therefore, this powder is commonly used in some Asian countries. In Vietnam, glutinous rice flour is often used to make specialty dishes such as baked goods, flexible cakes, sticky rice cakes...
With pancakes, when coated, the thinness and stickiness will ensure that the filling will not break or fall when rolled. Therefore, glutinous rice flour can be added to the flour to make pancakes to make the rice paper more beautiful. In addition, when fried, the glutinous rice flour is quite crispy.
Glutinous rice is also very reasonable flour for making pancakes. Vietnamese plain rice has a delicious taste, in addition to the flexible porosity of this flour will make the finished cake more delicious. Not only banh xeo, but also banh cuon, banh cuon, banh xeo.. are also made using plain rice flour.
So making pancakes with glutinous rice flour or plain depends on each person's preferences. You can use just plain rice flour or combine glutinous rice with plain rice. The quality of the cake is suitable for each person's flour recipe. Therefore, depending on the characteristics of the cake, the baker can flexibly choose the appropriate flour.

2. How to make crispy pancakes

The more crispy the crust is, the more delicious it is when eaten in the mouth. To make banh xeo, the following ingredients are necessary to prepare fully:
Plain rice flour: 150 grams Coconut milk: 200 ml Turmeric starch: 30 grams Shrimp meat, peeled or left whole, cleaned: 100g Sliced ​​pork belly: 100 g Shelled green beans: 50 grams Fish sauce seasoning: 40 ml Diameter: 40 grams Other seasonings to make such as: cooking oil, garlic, chili, pepper Herbs like lettuce, cinnamon, fish paste, perilla, bean sprouts... Cooking oil Plain rice flour, turmeric, and coconut milk are mixed together and slowly poured in water until blended, all flours are sifted before being filtered. Mix to ensure smooth. After mixing the dough, let the dough rest for 1 hour so the dough will absorb better and the cake will also taste better.
In the meantime, soak the peeled green beans to bloom and then make the filling for the cake. Set aside ingredients to rest before processing. Shrimp and meat need to be cleaned and preliminarily cooked to make the filling.
bột làm bánh xèo
Bột làm bánh xèo cần được pha đúng cách và đủ thành phần

Take a pan for a little non-aromatic oil, then sauté shrimp and meat until cooked and season to taste. At this time, the ingredients are almost ready to be prepared and can be poured and coated with pancakes. Apply a thin layer of oil to prevent the cake from sticking and causing loss of aesthetics. Pour a thin layer of flour, then add the filling and then coat until the cake is crispy, fold it and put it on a plate, then make the dipping sauce for the cake.
Cake dipping sauce includes: fish sauce, garlic, chili pepper and spices are blended. The dipping sauce after finishing will have a sweet and sour taste with delicious cakes. Banh xeo can be cut to your liking and use rice paper or raw vegetables to roll the cake into bite-sized pieces.
When making pancakes, note that you should not use too many colors from turmeric. Because turmeric has a hot property, the bitter taste if you put too much cake will not be fragrant or appear very unpleasant bitter taste. Cake flour should not be too diluted or too thick. Too thin the cake will not stick and break easily and fry for a long time. As for the thickened dough, it will be difficult to make the thin crust crispy as desired.

3. The recipe for specialty pancakes in the central region

Central region is known as the origin of specialty pancakes. The pancakes here are made with shrimp, bean sprouts and enjoy the unique sweet and sour taste of this region. Therefore, when inviting guests from far away, people here choose banh xeo to entertain and eat deliciously, quite convenient and suitable for people who have just come from far away.
Ingredients for making banh xeo in the central style are: 200 grams of plain rice flour, 100 ml of draft beer, 50 ml of fresh coconut water, half a teaspoon of salt, turmeric powder, scallions, dill, ginger, fried onions, pepper, cooking oil, 200g beef, 200g shrimp, 1 large onion.
First prepare to make the crust according to the central style. The step of mixing the dough for baking is quite important. The crust determines the flavor of the cake when finished. The flours need to be mixed well and add a little salt to make the cake taste just right.
Coconut water and beer are carefully prepared to mix the powder instead of using water. This is a special feature in this countryside. The powder mixture after being mixed with water needs to be stirred until completely dissolved. Use scallions to sprinkle the flour mixture and then add a little cooking oil to create more flavor and prevent the dough from sticking when coating the cake. After the dough is completely dissolved, it needs to rest for 30 - 60 minutes before rolling it out.
Làm bánh xèo rất đơn giản chỉ cần bạn thực hiện đúng theo các bước
Làm bánh xèo rất đơn giản chỉ cần bạn thực hiện đúng theo các bước

Regarding the kernel, each region will have a different kernel. Thinly sliced ​​beef mixed with spices to marinate. Then, instead of peeling, the shrimp will be cut off the antennae and cleaned, marinated with ginger and spices. Since spices can burn when cooked, they need to be sliced ​​large. Then stir-fry with onion and seasoning.
Especially, the central region uses a deep cast iron pan to make pancakes. Before baking, the pan needs to be preheated. After the crust mixture is poured into the pan, wait about 2 minutes. Rice paper needs to be evenly cooked on both sides and crispy when eaten.
Making pancakes is quite a feat. Therefore, not everyone who is a beginner knows how to mix flour to make pancakes. Moreover, when baking the same cake, it is necessary to be very skillful to achieve the desired result.
Above are information to answer questions about making pancakes with glutinous rice flour or plain rice and guide you how to make standard Western pancakes. You can apply it at home to make a traditional cake to treat your loved ones.

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