Muscle tightening diet: What you need to know

Tightening is a process that needs to be taken seriously for best results. Find out what you need to know about the diet when tightening muscles through the article below.

1. Protein is the most important

A protein-centric diet is the most important for muscle contraction, because protein is the basic building block for muscle structure. The process of tightening muscles must be combined with diet and exercise, and during exercise, the body goes into a catabolic state, causing muscle loss. After completing the exercise, the body returns to the anabolic state, and the protein in the diet will provide the raw materials for the body to rebuild the lost muscle, forming "lean" muscle mass.
Ideally, athletes should eat a serving of protein both before and after training. However, you should not only eat protein, but eat a little carbohydrate, because when combining carbohydrates with protein, carbohydrates will help the body increase protein absorption, and also provide the body with the most amount of energy. intended for training. Whey protein used with peanut butter, oat porridge, ... is a very convenient and feasible suggestion for practitioners.
Whey (váng sữaWhey (váng sữa))
Sử dụng whey protein là một trong những lựa chọn sáng suốt cho người tập

Protein is best to use from beneficial protein sources, such as skinless chicken, lean beef, soybeans and legumes,...
Protein is the most important factor, but protein alone will not be enough to form a diet. The lean muscle diet is a protein-centric diet that encourages high intake of fruits and vegetables, beneficial carbohydrates (such as from whole grains), and low fat consumption.

2. Suggestions on the meal structure of the muscle tightening diet

Basically, the tightening diet still includes three meals a day, and people on the tightening diet should not skip meals. The structure of the ingredients in each meal should be divided into three equal parts as follows:
Lean protein (from eggs, chicken, turkey, red meat,...). Fruits and green vegetables. Beneficial carbohydrates (from whole grains, brown rice, whole grain bread,...).
ngũ cốc
Ngũ cốc chứa nhiều carbohydrate rất tốt cho sức khỏe

Between main meals, people following a muscle tightening diet can still eat more snacks, or snack if hungry, but should pay attention to avoid unhealthy snacks (such as potatoes). chips, cakes, sweets, etc.), instead use healthy things like whole grains, raw fruits or vegetables.
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Reference source: webmd.com

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