Should I eat fruit before a meal or after a meal?

Fruit is a food that has been associated with humans since the time when humans appeared on Earth, at least 9 million years, and our body is also completely adapted to consuming this food. The question is should eat fruit before meals or after meals? How to know how to eat healthy fruit? Let's find the answer through the following article.

1. Is it better to eat fruit before or after a meal?

Fruits (fruits) are always considered as one of the best foods for beauty and health. With low calories, rich in vitamins and minerals, reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, kidney stones, obesity, osteoporosis, high blood pressure,... so nutrition experts encourage it. people should eat fruit regularly.
Many people think that eating fruit will help digest food better, so they often take advantage of eating fruit right after the main meals. However, is this a healthy way to eat fruit?
Some problems arise about the use of fruit after a meal:
If after eating a full, nutritious meal, but eating more fruit, there may be a case of overnutrition. Especially in people with diabetes, blood fats,... can lead to indigestion. Fruit has a fairly high sugar content (glucose, fructose, sucrose, starch,...). If you eat full and then eat fruit, the amount of sugar above cannot be absorbed into the digestive system, the sugar will ferment in the stomach, producing acid, leading to symptoms of flatulence, bloating, and indigestion. Fruits are also rich in Hemicellulose, Cellulose-degrading enzyme, Pectin fiber all have strong water absorption capacity. After the fruits have absorbed water, they will expand and increase the feeling of fullness in the stomach, making us feel uncomfortable. In particular, if there is too much cellulose, it will also affect the body's ability to absorb certain nutrients. For those who are trying to lose weight, if you eat a lot of fruit after eating, the stomach will enlarge, thereby leading to obesity.
Đầy hơi và chướng bụng
Ăn trái cây ngay sau bữa ăn chính không tốt cho sức khỏe vì bạn có thể bị đầy hơi, chướng bụng, khó tiêu,...

2. How to eat healthy fruit

In some cases, if you have been having digestive problems, you should change the way you eat fruit to absorb the standard nutrition. Here are some tips to guide you on how to eat healthy fruit, you can consider and refer to:
Amount of fruit to eat: Fruit is a source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and nutrients. Antioxidants are good for health. According to many nutrition studies, fruits and vegetables should make up at least half of your diet. When to eat fruit: Many studies show that eating fruit 1 hour before a meal has the effect of reducing fat, helping to digest effectively because the sugar in fruit makes it easy for the body to absorb to replenish energy. At the same time, the fiber in the fruit makes it difficult for the body to absorb, easy to create a feeling of fullness. This is also the secret to losing weight when using fruit before meals. In addition, you can also eat fruit after meals 2-3 hours or preferably in the morning. In the morning, when you first wake up, the body needs energy, high-fructose fruit is very useful for the above goal. Criteria for choosing fruit: "Every season, wake up". When the fruit is in season, it has both high quality and affordable price. Any fruit is good and nutritious, and which type to eat depends on the preferences and eating habits of each person. Hint: In the summer, you can choose fruits with a lot of water, lots of vitamin C, carotene and some minerals, preferring colorful but less sweet colors like oranges, apples, guava.
Trái cây lành mạnh
Nhiều nghiên cứu cho thấy ăn trái cây 1 giờ trước bữa ăn là một cách ăn trái cây tốt cho sức khỏe

Should eat fruit immediately after peeling: Although fruit provides many nutrients for the body, if left for a long time, it will not be fresh, the delicious taste is no longer and the amount of nutrients is reduced. Therefore, fruit peeled and eaten will always be the best. If you must prepare in advance, you can soak the fruit in light salted water to maintain the amount of vitamins and minerals and limit the darkening after peeling for too long. Some fruits are not suitable to eat when hungry: Persimmons, tomatoes, bananas, tangerines, oranges, lychees, some unripe fruits because they can harm your stomach. In addition, there are a number of subjects to note when eating fruit, including:
People with weak digestive systems or diseases, the fiber in fruit easily causes a feeling of bloating. It is best to still eat fruits away from meals. People with type 2 diabetes should eat fruit with other foods so that sugar from fruit enters the small intestine more slowly. Eating with it also helps lower blood sugar compared to eating only fruit. For pregnant women with gestational diabetes, the mother should not eat fruits containing a lot of sugar, but should replace them with low-sugar varieties such as grapefruit, apple, dragon fruit, orange,... Hopefully with the above information , you will be able to arrange the right time to eat fruit for yourself and your family to maximize the nutrient content of this wonderful food.
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