Weight loss with diet has benefits like gastric bypass surgery

Dieting is a natural solution thanks to each person's perseverance and non-invasive body like gastric bypass surgery. However, you need to choose for yourself a suitable diet that meets the mental and physical criteria for long-term use.

1. The link between weight and health

Losing weight can bring many health benefits such as improving blood sugar control, blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, improving mood and symptoms of depression, preventing certain cancers such as cancer breast cancer, colorectal cancer and improve the functioning of organs. However, this does not mean that weight loss is necessary for everyone. Everyone has a different 'ideal' weight/fat range. "Ideal" is not a specific number, but rather a set of indicators of physical function, health and development.
For example, we know that people with East Asian ancestry are generally less healthy with lower BMIs than people from other regions.
To determine whether weight loss is advisable, a health professional will consider not only BMI, but also weight distribution (volume and location of adipose tissue), medical history, family history and/ or current lifestyle.
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2. Risks associated with being overweight

High amounts of body fat can change the hormonal and chemical environment in the body. These changes can increase the risk of conditions such as:
Chronic inflammation Metabolic syndrome Type 2 diabetes Cardiovascular disease Certain types of cancer When body fat gets too high, it can accumulates in places that do not need to be in large quantities such as in the heart, liver, kidneys, muscle tissue, bones, in and around other internal organs.
Lợi ích của giảm cân
Giảm cân giúp giảm nguy cơ mắc các bệnh lý

3. Losing weight with a diet is as beneficial as gastric bypass surgery?

Weight loss surgery is simply a tool to shorten a person's weight loss process. There are many types of weight loss surgery, the most common of which are gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery.
Deciding on the type of surgery to be used depends on the patient's medical history and body parameters. Weight loss surgery is not right for everyone. Therefore, people with diabetes who need to lose weight to have good blood sugar control should note that there are other options to reduce the volume of adipose tissue.
Some general tips for weight loss include:
Eat enough meals : Ignoring the physical signs of hunger can be counterproductive. Get more active: Set daily step-by-step goals that work for you. Choose healthy drinks: Drink water instead of sugary drinks. Eat plenty of fiber: Include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, and legumes. Plan healthy meals: Use online tools like MyPlate as a guide for meal planning. According to studies, losing 18% of body weight with diet therapy alone is very difficult and also difficult to maintain in the long term. This is partly because traditional diets are both nutrient-poor and unsustainable because they fail to address long-term healthy body building.
Holistic health is defined based on a series of indicators including physical, emotional, mental, social relationships, life purpose, living environment. Therefore, nutritionists need to come up with many new solutions on weight loss diets to maintain long-term health for patients, meeting many different nutritional, mental and physical criteria.

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Reference source: healthline.com

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