Wheat flour with added micronutrients

What are micronutrient supplements, what types of micronutrient supplements are currently available? And is wheat flour in the group of micronutrient supplements? These questions will be answered in the following article.

1. What are micronutrient supplements?

Micronutrient supplements are foods that have added micronutrients to increase the micronutrient content of the food. Not almost all foods are selected for micronutrients, only foods that are used frequently and widely are selected for micronutrients (eg, iodized salt, powdered salt, etc.). iron-fortified noodles, ...)
The addition of micronutrients to food does not change the texture, taste, color of the food and does not affect the price of the product. Most of the micronutrients are added by industrial methods with relatively simple techniques and easy implementation.

2. Why to add micronutrients to food?

Micronutrient deficiency is a problem not only in a few countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, but also globally. In Vietnam, children under 5 years of age and pregnant or lactating mothers are the two groups with the most micronutrient deficiencies.
Micronutrient deficiency leads to many serious consequences. For children, especially children under 5 years old, vitamin and mineral deficiency affects the physical and intellectual development of children, increases the risk of some diseases such as iron deficiency anemia, eye disease due to vitamin A deficiency, goiter due to iodine deficiency, ...
Especially, young children are malnourished due to premature birth, low birth weight, .... or after episodes of illness due to pneumonia, diarrhea , measles, ... very susceptible to micronutrient deficiencies. Micronutrient deficiency not only seriously affects the health of young children in particular and people in general, but also greatly affects the economic development of the country, increasing the burden on the health system and increasing expenditure. medical examination and treatment costs, reducing labor capacity and productivity.
Thus, adding micronutrients to food is necessary to prevent micronutrient deficiencies that increase the risk of diseases (anemia, malnutrition, goiter, ...) and at the same time to improve human stature.
Bột mì
Bột mì giúp bổ sung vi chất dinh dưỡng vào chế độ ăn hàng ngày

3. Wheat flour with added micronutrients

In Vietnam, flour is a popular food, used to process and produce many different products. Wheat flour and flour products are used in many meals from main meals to snacks and are considered the main source of starch.
Wheat flour is selected as a food supplement with micronutrients to improve nutrition for people, especially at-risk groups. Besides, the addition of micronutrients to the flour does not change the texture, taste and color of the flour.
Not only Vietnam, there are more than 90 countries around the world producing and adding micronutrients to flour. Technically, wheat flour micronutrient supplementation must meet the requirements specified by law and in the relevant Regulation.
Specifically, the forms and content of micronutrients added to wheat flour are regulated as follows:
Iron: Dry form of ferrous sulfate, the minimum added content is 27.8 mg/kg, the maximum is 51 ,6 mg/kg. Zinc: Zinc oxide form, the minimum supplement content is 70.9 mg/kg, the maximum is 131.7 mg/kg. Vitamin A: Retinyl palmitate form, the minimum supplemental content is 1.33 mg/kg, the maximum is 4.8 mg/kg. Vitamin B12: The form of cyanocobalamin, the minimum supplemental content is 0.02 mg/kg, the maximum content is not specified. Folic acid: Minimum supplement content is 2.04 mg/kg, maximum is 8.16 mg/kg. In terms of management, wheat flour fortified with micronutrients must be labeled as “micronutrient supplements” and declared conformity according to regulations, and at the same time, quality and hygiene inspection must be carried out. Safety for wheat flour with micronutrients must comply with the provisions of law.
In Vietnam, in addition to flour, fish sauce, cooking oil, and sugar are also selected to supplement micronutrients. Wheat flour is a selected food supplement with micronutrients not only in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world to prevent nutrient deficiencies.
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