Benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy in the treatment of menopausal disorders

Posted by Doctor Vu Thi Hong Chinh - Obstetrics Department, Vinmec Times City International General Hospital
Menopause is a normal physiological phenomenon of women that occurs due to a lack of estrogen in the ovaries. This is the cause of endocrine disorders in women around perimenopause. There are many effective menopause treatments available, ranging from lifestyle modifications to hormone replacement therapies.

1. Benefits of hormone replacement therapy in the treatment of menopausal disorders

Menopause can cause vasomotor disorders: hot flashes, sweating, psycho-physiological changes, urinary and genital disorders... woman's life.
Menopause is inevitable and medical treatment is only available when disorders affect a woman's health and quality of life. Instead, treatment focuses on relieving disorders, preventing, managing and preventing possible chronic conditions.
Hormone replacement therapy is the use of estrogen in combination with progesterone or no combination to compensate for the lack of endogenous estrogen. It is the most effective treatment for menopausal disorders associated with vasomotor (hot flashes) and urinary disorders.
Benefits of hormone replacement therapy in the treatment of menopausal disorders :
Reduces vasomotor symptoms. Reduces signs of skin, hair loss, hair... Reduces atrophy of the urinary system - lower genitalia. Decreased bone loss due to increased plasma calcitonin excretion, so that fractures of the femur, spine, and pelvis are reduced by 30 to 70% in women taking hormone replacement therapy. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some other benefits: estrogen reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease, caused by the degeneration of nerve cells that leads to forgetfulness, then loss of the ability to remember. Estrogen also works to reduce the risk of colon cancer, reduce the risk of bleeding...
Rụng tóc
Liệu pháp hormon thay thế trong điều trị rối loạn mãn kinh giúp giảm tình trạng rụng tóc ở phụ nữ

2. Risks of hormone replacement therapy in the treatment of menopausal disorders

High risk of endometrial cancer. Risks to the breast: breast pain, breast engorgement due to long-term estrogen use. Breast cancer, Breast cancer. Risk of gallstones, urinary tract. High blood pressure due to increased blood renin, increased aldosterone. Thrombosis due to increased coagulation of estrogen. Currently, Vinmec International General Hospital is providing pre-menopausal health examination and counseling package. When registering for an examination package, customers will be examined and consulted with a specialist in Gynecology; Perform tests to assess hormone status. When registering for the premenopausal health care package and consultation, customers will receive:
Gynecological specialist examination Gynecological examination, breast examination Transabdominal ultrasound of uterus and ovaries Take specimens as a smear Cervical-vaginal cytology Mammogram (2 sides) Osteoporosis Measure other tests to detect pre-menopausal conditions, if any.

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