Breast pain in women: When to see a doctor?

Breast pain in women has many causes such as menstrual cycle, female hormone influences and most cases of breast pain are usually benign. However, many women still feel anxious when experiencing this condition. So when should you go to the doctor for breast pain?

1. Common cases of female breast pain

Female breast pain is divided into two types: cyclical breast pain and non-cyclical breast pain.
Cyclical breast pain: Dull pain, tight or slightly swollen breasts, pain may be uneven. Cyclic pain often occurs in women of childbearing age or approaching menopause. Non-cyclical breast pain: Pain that occurs without reference to the menstrual cycle, is common in postmenopausal women. Persistent, sometimes sharp pain in a fixed area or breast, or spreading throughout the breast and underarm area. Many women are often worried when experiencing breast pain, but because the pain is quite sensitive, many people are afraid to go to the hospital for treatment. However, not every case of breast pain is a sign of disease. Depending on the cause, breast pain may go away on its own without any treatment.
However, there are also a few cases where breast pain is a warning sign of some diseases, especially breast cancer. Therefore, women need to know the cause of the pain to know exactly if they need to see a doctor for examination.
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2. Causes of breast pain in women

There are many causes of breast pain in women, the following are common causes in cases of breast pain:
Wearing a bra that is too tight causes breast pain, in addition to pain in the breasts. shoulder and neck. Breast pain in women can be caused by external influences such as carrying heavy objects, exercising too much... Due to the influence of sex hormones, breast pain in women at the time of menstruation before menstruation. The pain in the breast can be caused by the use of drugs containing many hormonal hormones such as fertility drugs, birth control pills, hormone support drugs after menopause... Excessive breast size is also a sign of pain. causes of non-cyclical pain. After undergoing breast surgery, women may also experience pain in the breast, which sometimes lasts long after the wound has healed and scarred. If the breast pain in women is long and persistent, it may be caused by a number of diseases such as mastitis, breast cysts, breast cancer... During breastfeeding, it can also cause problems. Breast pain due to causes such as mammary gland obstruction, mastitis. An imbalance of fatty acids makes the mammary glands more sensitive to female hormones, increasing the risk of breast pain.
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3. Is breast pain pathological?

Many women are often confused when breast pain, but breast pain has many causes. If breast pain is cyclical, women do not need to worry because this is almost not a sign of any disease. If the cases of breast pain are not cyclical and there are unusual signs such as breast pain that is lumpy, painful and does not improve even with the use of pain relievers or if there is a family member with breast cancer, you should go to the hospital. Go to the hospital to conduct a check-up to determine the exact condition you are experiencing.
Although most breast pain is benign, women absolutely should not be subjective, should monitor the status of breast pain and go to the doctor promptly if strange phenomena appear.

4. How can breast pain not be an obsession for women?

In order to reduce breast pain and not cause discomfort, women can refer to a few suggestions as follows:
Should use a bra that fits your bust size, limit wearing a bra that is too tight cause chest compression, in addition, people should choose bra material to be as comfortable as possible. Do not exercise too much, especially those that involve the chest and arms because this can be the cause of breast pain in women.
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Pay attention to the pain cycle in the breast, if it is premenstrual pain, do not be too stressed and worried because this condition will disappear quickly. Follow a healthy diet, limit eating fatty foods, fried foods and fast foods... Can perform some massage methods to relax, help relieve pain in the breast. Monitor breast pain to see if it is cyclical or not. If using drugs containing many hormonal hormones, they should be used carefully and according to the doctor's prescription.

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