Can fibroadenomas progress to breast cancer?

According to research, more than 50% of women will develop fibrocystic breasts at some point in their lives, some patients with fibroadenoma have symptoms but there are also cases without any symptoms. any symptoms and make the diagnosis of breast cancer more difficult.

1. Fibroids and the risk of progression to cancer?

Fibrocystic breast tumor is a cystic, interlobular connective tissue tumor that can occur in one or both breasts, usually before the age of 35. The tumor is firm, regular, round or ovoid, subcutaneous mobility, painless, unrelated to the menstrual cycle; Size varies about 2-3cm. Usually there is only one tumor, sometimes there are many and appear successively over time.
Fibrocystic breasts are benign lesions but can be uncomfortable for some women. According to the American Cancer Society, having fibroadenoma does not increase a patient's risk of developing breast cancer. There is no known link between the two conditions. However, fibroadenoma can make it difficult to distinguish between a new breast lump and fibroid changes. This condition makes it more difficult to diagnose breast cancer through breast exams or mammograms.

2. Causes of fibroadenoma formation

The specific cause of fibrocystic breast disease remains unknown. However, some studies suggest that changes in the endocrine hormones estrogen and testosterone may be to blame.
Like other benign breast diseases, fibrocystic breast symptoms may disappear after menopause as the production of these hormones decreases and blood hormone levels stabilize. .
U xơ vú
U xơ tuyến vú là dạng tổn thương lành tính nhưng có thể gây khó chịu cho một số phụ nữ

3. Signs to recognize fibroadenomas of the breast

Many women with fibroadenomas have no symptoms, and some experience breast tenderness, tenderness, and lumps - especially in the upper, outer area of ​​the breast. Breast symptoms tend to be most bothersome right before menstruation. Simple self-care measures can often reduce the discomfort associated with fibroadenomas.
Signs and symptoms of fibroadenomatosis may include:
Sensitive Breast Swelling Pain Thickening of breast tissue Tumors or lumps in one or both breasts Symptoms may be worse before your period due to These hormonal changes can also last up to a month. People with fibrocystic breast disease should go to the hospital immediately if they have any of the following symptoms:
New or unusual lumps appear in the breast Red dots or skin wrinkles on the chest Discharge from the nipple, the breast is red or bloody. Indentation on the breast or the nipple is inverted

4. Treatment of fibroadenomas of the breast

Thuốc giảm đau không kê đơn có thể làm giảm đau

Most women with fibrocystic breast disease do not need invasive treatment. Home remedies to reduce pain and related discomfort.
Before 35 years old: Periodic follow-up every 6 months. Surgery when the tumor is large and growing rapidly After 35 years old: Surgical removal of the tumor, making histopathology. Over-the-counter pain relievers can relieve pain. Warm or cold compresses can help improve symptoms.
At the same time, patients need to change their nutrition, need to know what to eat and what to abstain from to make a daily menu that is scientific, reasonable, and supports safe treatment. .
Some people with fibroadenoma do not experience bothersome symptoms and invasive treatment is often not needed. A combination of supportive measures, such as warm compresses, pain relievers, and wearing a supportive bra, can help people feel more comfortable.
In case of large breast fibroadenoma, causing pain, discomfort and aesthetic impact, the patient can go to Vinmec International General Hospital for treatment of benign breast tumor removal by biopsy technique with the support of the doctor. ultrasonically guided vacuum device (VABB). With this method, instead of having to open surgery to remove the tumor as before, the doctor only needs to insert the needle of the VABB machine to cut the tumor and suck the tumor out. Patients will experience less pain and no scarring. Especially, it does not cause breast deformation, does not require hospitalization. The patient does not need to undergo many incisions to remove the tumor, but just a single needle piercing can handle tumors, even treat multiple tumors at the same time.

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