Can ultrasound detect cloudy amniotic fluid?

Cloudy amniotic fluid reflects the health status of mother and baby, especially can be life-threatening. So how to detect cloudy amniotic fluid, can ultrasound know amniotic fluid is cloudy?

1. The role of amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid is a nutrient-rich, liquid fluid that surrounds the fetus during pregnancy. This is the environment for the fetus to live, metabolize and develop during pregnancy. During early pregnancy, amniotic fluid is colorless and odorless. As the fetus grows larger, the color of amniotic fluid gradually turns milky white because it contains many substances.
Amniotic fluid is one of the factors that play a decisive role in the development of the fetus, helps the fetus to move, and creates a safe protective environment, avoiding the invasion of foreign bacteria.
Normally amniotic fluid will be covered by the amniotic membrane so it does not leak out. Amniotic fluid is maintained at a physiologically stable level, neither too much nor too little throughout pregnancy.
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2. Can ultrasound detect cloudy amniotic fluid?

Ultrasound can detect turbid amniotic fluid with hyperechoic, heterogeneous amniotic fluid. Cloudy amniotic fluid can be detected through abdominal wall ultrasound, transducer ultrasound with types of ultrasound such as 2D, 3D, 4D ultrasound,... However, many cases can be missed
Turbid amniotic fluid often appears Present in the last 3 months can be physiological as well as pathological due to many causes.

3. What does cloudy amniotic fluid represent?

Cloudy amniotic fluid usually occurs in the last weeks of pregnancy, but there are also cases of 3 months pregnant with cloudy amniotic fluid. The cause of this condition must first be mentioned that the fetus discharges substances into the amniotic cavity. The substance is formed from dead cells on the skin, oral mucosa, respiratory mucosa, fetal urine ... The larger the fetus, the more peeling the amniotic fluid makes. If the amniotic fluid is cloudy due to substances that cause pregnancy, this is completely normal. Because these pregnancy-inducing substances are actually cells that have sloughed off from parts of the fetus's body, they don't pose any danger. Amniotic fluid contains meconium. This is also an unusual cause when ultrasound shows cloudy amniotic fluid. Most of these conditions can occur in the middle months of pregnancy. Normally, meconium is only shed by the fetus a few days before birth. However, if the fetus sheds meconium too early, this means that the fetus is deprived of oxygen, fetal distress. If not treated in time, it can lead to unpredictable complications.

4. What to do when the ultrasound shows cloudy amniotic fluid?

Therefore, when ultrasound detects cloudy amniotic fluid, it is necessary to coordinate with examination and other paraclinical means to diagnose the cause of amniotic fluid turbidity in order to have a timely treatment attitude.
In addition, pregnant mothers need to
Keep a comfortable mind, always keep a happy and optimistic spirit. Have a nutritious diet and scientific activities. Rest more often. Do not perform tasks and activities that put pressure on the abdomen such as bending to pick up things, lying flat...
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5. Does cloudy amniotic fluid affect the health of mother and baby?

When the amniotic fluid is cloudy due to the lack of oxygen in the meconium, the pregnant mother needs to be examined for fetal distress. If this happens, it can lead to stillbirth or premature birth. Therefore, it should be closely monitored at medical facilities. In addition, the fetus may choke or choke on amniotic fluid before, during or after birth. This will cause airway obstruction causing disordered gas exchange and severe respiratory failure. If the amniotic fluid is contaminated with meconium, it will cause pneumonia, superinfection, lung infection. More serious is a collapsed lung, severe lack of oxygen. If the child is inhaled the more meconium, the higher the level of danger. Therefore, when born, it is necessary to conduct aspiration of meconium amniotic fluid for the baby through the endotracheal tube, clean the meconium in the respiratory tract, then doctors can prevent these complications.
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