Do infertile men have sperm?

Infertility in men has become a concern of many families. But do infertile men have sperm? What happened to the sperm cells? Read on to learn more about sperm cells and the real causes of male infertility.

1. Answer questions about infertility and the existence of sperm in infertile men

Infertility is the medical term used to describe the inability to have children despite normal sexual activity. This infertility disease can occur in both men and women. However, men have a higher risk of spontaneous infertility than women. The majority of women who are infertile are often due to sequelae after an unwanted pregnancy or using the wrong contraceptive pill.
Thus, families who do not use contraception but cannot have children after 1 year will be included in the group of infertility. These cases will be treated until the doctor has an accurate conclusion that they are infertile.
Back to the problem of male infertility. Sperm is considered to be a major factor that directly affects the conception process. Therefore, sperm morphology or characteristics can be an indicator of good male reproductive health. Some men have no sperm in their semen.
Visual detection may not be accurate. But if you look at the microscope with high magnification, you can determine the number of sperm in the semen sample. Therefore, male infertility is divided into two main cases: low sperm count and no sperm.
tinh trùng vô sinh
"Vô sinh có tinh trùng không" là thắc mắc của nhiều nam giới hiện nay

2. Classification of common causes of male infertility

2.1 Low sperm count and weak motility Infertility in men with sperm is frequent. This makes it easy for many families to be subjective because their knowledge and understanding only assumes that infertile people do not have sperm cells. Therefore, if you do not have children after a year of marriage, it is still advisable to get tested early to detect problems with sperm cells.
The group of men who have sperm cells but have difficulty conceiving shows that the sperm quality is weak and the quantity is not guaranteed for conception. Therefore, it is difficult for them to fight and get close to the egg when fertilizing it. This is the cause of the low pregnancy rate even without using contraception for a long time.
In order to really determine infertility due to low sperm count and low sperm count, at least 3 tests need to be done. Many tests and similar results can accurately conclude the disease condition.
2.2 No sperm cells in semen According to hospital data, about 30% of men who are examined for infertility are determined to have no sperm cells. This number is quite high, but men themselves do not notice the abnormality. Infertile men without sperm cells will not affect married life. They can be subjective because physiological functions are normal except for not being able to conceive.
The real problem of men who don't have sperm cells in their semen is usually that they don't exist at all or they can't live in the seminal environment. Therefore, infertility is defined as the absence of sperm, which may be due to the body not producing sperm or blocking the vas deferens, causing sperm to be retained and die.
Therefore, the cause of the absence of sperm cells other than the body itself can still be caused by a blockage of the ducts. In this case, the sperm is still healthy and can conceive, but it is blocked and cannot participate in the ejaculatory process. But if correctly identified and treated in time, you will improve the problem of infertility.

3. The ability to cure infertility without sperm cells in men

Judging from the research, the possibility of conception from the group of men without sperm cells is extremely small. But if they find the cause early and get treatment, they have the same chance of conceiving as other people. Therefore, you need to take care of your health first and lead a healthy lifestyle.
Infertility treatment often takes a long time and is very difficult. First, people with infertility need to be equipped with enough knowledge related to infertility such as causes and types of infertility. If the sperm is blocked in the testicle, it can be detected early, so it can be treated and intervened to help the conception process take place. For low sperm cell situations, the doctor will give advice depending on the situation of each person.
Besides biochemical problems, psychology also greatly affects the ability to treat. Patients who are optimistic and always have faith will help their body be more positive than when anxious and sad. Therefore, people who have or have not suffered from infertility should keep a good spirit and regular sports activities to improve their physical health.
Infertility due to testicular failure is almost impossible to cure. Therefore, the ability to conceive when a man has testicular failure is not possible. If couples still want to have children, the doctor will give advice that is to use someone else's sperm to conceive.
tinh trùng vô sinh
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4. Causes affecting sperm cell reproduction

Infertile men who had previously had normal reproductive health may be partly due to the sequelae of mumps. If patients with mumps are not taken care of, it can lead to testicular atrophy or endocrine disorders affecting the functioning of the hippocampus and pituitary gland.
Men with genitourinary disorders may be due to a lack of hormones or disrupted sperm production. An imbalance in the production or metabolism of sex hormones will cause the hormone imbalance to affect the natural reproductive mechanism in men.
An undescended testicle is a testicle that appears in the abdomen instead of its normal position. This problem needs to be detected early for surgery in the first 2 years of life. If the male is not detected, there may be damage to the arteries leading to blockage of the vas deferens or testicular atrophy.
Diseases with chromosomal disorders can cause genetic changes. At the same time, chromosome segments can be mutated. These abnormalities will cause morphological abnormalities or impaired function of sperm cells.
Pathogenic infertility can occur even in those who have given birth. We usually only know that infertility occurs in men with congenital malformations or blockages in the vas deferens. This subject is often due to sequelae of mumps affecting fertility.
However, some people who have had children are still at risk of blocked ducts making it difficult to conceive again. This subject may have a sexually transmitted disease that causes damage to the genitals. Others maintain a healthy lifestyle but due to sterilization by vasectomy. Manifestations of vasectomy may be accompanied by inflammation or epididymitis in a sexually transmitted infection.

5. Current methods used to treat infertility

Although the appearance of sperm is a decisive factor in the success of the conception process, medicine has also developed and found many methods to overcome it. Therefore, not most men who are determined to have no sperm are permanently infertile. The following are some common methods used to solve the problem of infertility when there are no sperm cells for men:
5.1 Adjuvant surgery in the group of patients with blocked vas deferens Causes of infertility This can be the key to helping your doctor give you the best treatment and get the most out of it. In cases of infertility without sperm cells due to blocked ducts, surgery is the method performed.
When performing vasectomy or vasectomy for men who have been sterilized, you need to strictly follow the instructions from the doctor. This method will be able to bring results after the body recovers. However, men need to improve their physical health and always remember to periodically check their health until it is determined that the surgery has been successful and reproductive function is normal.
5.2 Using Assisted Reproductive Methods for Men Male hormones can affect spermatogenesis in men. At the same time, you may encounter a situation where the size of your testicles is not as expected. Therefore, assisted reproductive methods will be used to increase the chances of conception.
When using assisted reproduction, the doctor will extract sperm from the epididymis. The method of taking sperm directly from the testicles will increase the ability to select quality sperm for fertilization. The doctor will analyze and select the best quality healthy sperm for insemination.
After sperm selection, IVF or in vitro fertilization can be used to conceive. Stage of successful conception, the wife will be pregnant like normal people. However, the probability of success can be high, but there may also be failures due to external factors. In general, this method usually has a high success rate if the sperm quality is good.
5.3 Hormonal Infertility Treatment Hormonal balance is a commonly used assisted reproduction method in both men and women. Endocrine disorders that cause infertility can stabilize the hormonal balance to reduce the risk of male infertility.
The process of hormonal balance, the doctor will conduct regular monitoring. Body stats are constantly checked. Therefore, in addition to following the instructions of the doctor, it is necessary to actively exercise with a good diet for the body. At the same time, optimism and positivity will greatly contribute to increasing the results of endocrine treatment.
All methods or procedures for treating infertility require periodic follow-up visits. Remember to check back after 6 months of treatment to ensure that sperm quality and fertility are maintained well.
So infertility has sperm or not. Each cause of infertility has different identifying characteristics. If you detect dilute semen can be tested early for treatment. Treatment of infertility cannot be completely successful, but early detection will reduce the risk of permanent infertility.
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