Effects of infection with Toxoplasma parasites during pregnancy

One of the risks that threaten the health of the fetus during pregnancy is the transmission of Toxoplasma parasites from the mother through the placenta. Infection with toxoplasmavirus during pregnancy can compromise the immune system and cause very serious complications.

1. Toxoplasma infection causes what disease?

Toxoplasma parasites are protozoan parasites, commonly found in cats, warm-blooded animals, and mammals. In which, cats are the main host, Toxoplasma parasites often exist in the intestines of cats and go out into the environment with cat feces.
When the Toxoplasma parasite enters the body through the digestive tract (eating undercooked food, unwashed fruit...), it will attack the organs in the body, mainly the brain, the muscular system ... Toxoplasma parasites are not transmitted from person to person. However, cats are common pets, so the number of people infected with Toxoplasma parasites is very large. Up to a third of the world's population has at least one exposure to this parasite.
Ký sinh trùng Toxoplasma là ký sinh trùng đơn bào, thường tìm thấy ở mèo hay các động vật máu nóng, động vật có vú

2. How dangerous is toxoplasma virus infection during pregnancy?

For a healthy person, the body has a good immune system that can fight the effects of the Toxoplasma parasite, you will not have any symptoms at all. Some people may experience swollen lymph nodes in the neck or nape of the neck. The lymph nodes swell and then gradually decrease and disappear in about 6 weeks. Very rarely, healthy people have serious infections related to the heart and lungs.
Meanwhile, toxoplasmavirus infection in pregnant women is very dangerous, it can cause complications that are transmitted to the fetus, causing miscarriage or stillbirth. terrible . The earlier a pregnant woman is infected with Toxoplasma parasites, the more severe the impact will be.
Toxoplasma infection during pregnancy may have no symptoms or have swollen lymph nodes and eye problems. The effects of Toxoplasma parasites on the fetus can be checked through ultrasound. Children with congenital infections may have brain and eye problems, blood disorders, and developmental delays. Even if your baby is born normally, you still need to monitor your baby's development as the effects may become more apparent later on.

3. Level of toxoplasma virus infection from pregnant mother to fetus

On average, the risk of a mother being infected with Toxoplasma parasites that can infect her baby is up to 30%, even if the mother does not have any specific symptoms. The level of infection gradually increases with the time the mother is infected with the parasite, specifically:
The infection rate is 15% if the mother is infected with Toxoplasma parasite in the first 3 months of pregnancy; The infection rate is 30% if the mother is infected with Toxoplasma parasite in the second trimester of pregnancy; The infection rate is 60% if the mother is infected with Toxoplasma parasite in the last 3 months of pregnancy. If congenital Toxoplasmosis is infected while in the womb, the baby can be born with deformities and damage to internal organs, especially the brain and eyes.
Some children have no obvious symptoms at birth but only develop diseases when they enter adolescence such as hearing loss, developmental delay, reduced vision...

4. How is Toxoplasmavirus infection during pregnancy treated?

Khi nhiễm toxoplasmavirus có thể không cần điều trị gì, nếu cần có thể dùng kháng sinh theo chỉ định của bác sĩ

Normally healthy people infected with Toxoplasma parasites may not need treatment if there are no symptoms or effects. If necessary, antibiotics can be used with the appropriate dose prescribed by the doctor.
Pregnant women infected with Toxoplasma parasites will be treated with antibiotics to limit the risk of infection to the fetus. Based on the specific condition of the mother, the doctor will advise the appropriate treatment method. Spiramycin is probably the best choice to protect an uninfected fetus. If the fetus has a serious infection, abnormalities are detected through ultrasound or laboratory tests, you may be recommended to have an abortion.
If you have unusual symptoms, you should be examined and consulted with a specialist.

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