Having a baby is different from a straw?

Every birth is a very different experience. Statistically, childbirth will have some physiological and psychological characteristics that are different from childbirth compared to the previous one. This article will help you discover the differences that mothers often wonder what is the difference between children and chickens?

1. Detecting pregnancy earlier than giving birth compared?

Usually, mothers find out they are pregnant earlier at the time of childbirth, because most of the pregnancy symptoms are similar to the previous birth, helping mothers recognize it earlier.

2. Is your mother's belly bigger and your belly lower?

Mothers who are pregnant for the second time often have a bigger belly than one month after giving birth because in the previous birth, the uterus did not return to the original size, so the size of the abdomen will grow faster. In addition, your uterus is no longer as firm as before, so the pregnant belly is also lower. Pregnant women should avoid carrying heavy things, should walk gently, relax, sleeping position should lie on the left side.

3. Pregnant women can notice the pregnancy machine earlier?

With the first pregnancy, mothers often see the baby kick around the 5th month while in the 4th month (from 16-18 weeks) in the second pregnancy you have noticed your baby starting to kick. However, this also depends on the health and feelings of the mother as well as the health of the fetus.
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4. Pregnant women gain weight faster at birth?

This is often true for mothers who give birth to children with a short time apart, then the body has not been able to dissipate excess fat from the previous pregnancy and continues to accumulate fat in the second pregnancy. However, the faster and earlier weight gain of pregnant women depends on many other factors such as hormone changes and nutrition during pregnancy.
Mẹ bầu tăng cân nhanh hơn
Lần sinh con rạ mẹ bầu tăng cân nhanh hơn

5. Is it possible to give birth faster?

Yes, labor can go faster with a second birth. Usually, mothers who give birth to a baby have an average labor time of 16-24 hours; Meanwhile, giving birth to chickens is usually about 8-12 hours. The special thing is that the first stage (latent labor) will be quicker and the contractions will be faster and stronger. In addition, the duration of voluntary labor (forced labor) is also shorter because the muscles and vagina have dilated since childbirth (except cesarean section).

6. Is giving birth less painful?

Although the pain of contractions can be similar, most mothers share that childbirth is usually less painful. The reason is that the mothers have experience as well as the short labor time, so they will be less tired during the birth process. However, if you have a cesarean section for the first time, it may be different.

7. The baby is usually born earlier than the chick?

There are quite a few mothers who wonder how many weeks a full-term baby is because they think that a premature baby is born earlier than the due date and are worried about the baby being born prematurely. Babies are considered full-term when they are born between 38 and 40 weeks. In fact, there are many pregnant mothers who give birth at 36 weeks, this case is called premature birth and there are cases of late birth at 42 weeks. According to statistics, the time of giving birth is usually about 7 to 10 days earlier than the due date compared to giving birth. Therefore, when approaching the due date, mothers should promptly recognize the signs of labor and give birth to go to the hospital in time.

8. Colostrum secreted earlier during pregnancy?

If in the first birth, colostrum only appears in the last weeks of pregnancy or even after childbirth. When pregnant with the second child, some pregnant women will see colostrum secretion earlier, possibly from 27 weeks. This shows that the mother's milk glands are ready and this is a normal sign so mothers should no need to worry.
In summary, the birth of a baby with a baby and a baby has some different characteristics, mothers need to pay attention and distinguish to recognize the signs of labor and go to the hospital in time.
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