Having too much sex, does the body have any effect?

Currently there is not an exact number on the appropriate frequency of intercourse, however, if you are having symptoms of physiological dysfunction, exhaustion, pain during sex, etc. Then you need to regulate the frequency of sex because you may be having too much sex.

1. How does too much sex affect women's health?

When is it called having too much sex? That's when sex interferes with your thoughts, causing negative effects on your work and life.
Excessive sex can cause vaginal dryness due to insufficient secretion of vaginal mucus after repeated sexual intercourse. This makes it painful to penetrate deeply and difficult to reach orgasm during sex. Therefore, when you feel pain during sex, you should stop having sex for a while so that the vagina can rest, avoiding swelling, pain, vaginal tearing, which can cause vaginitis and gynecological diseases for a long time. other.
Excessive sex combined with unclean hygiene before and after sex can disrupt the natural pH balance of the vagina, increasing the risk of causing gynecological diseases.

2. What are the effects of having too much sex on men's health?

Men are always in the active position in each relationship, this makes them often lose a lot of strength because the heart has to beat faster, the muscles have to move continuously. So, too much sex can cause exhaustion and fatigue, long-term can affect the cardiovascular system, kidney function, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, orchitis, prostatitis , and many other diseases.
In addition, having sex with a high frequency can cause a decrease in sex drive. The level of satisfaction will be less and less in later relationships, if prolonged, can make both less desirable for each other, gradually can turn into a state of indifference, apathy with sex.
quan hệ tình dục quá nhiều
Quan hệ tình dục quá nhiều ảnh hưởng đến sức khỏe nam giới

3. How much sex is enough?

The right frequency of intercourse brings many health benefits and helps to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. Currently, there is no exact number on the frequency of intercourse because it depends on many different factors such as age and health status of each person. At a relative level, the frequency of sex is regulated as follows:
20 - 25 years old: Have sex about 3 times/week 30 - 50 years old: Have sex about 2 times/week Over 50 years : Having sex about once a week, some people no longer need to have sex. However, in certain circumstances, it is necessary to abstain from sex to protect health until it comes back gradually with a stable frequency, for example:
People who are sick, have weak health People have problems about blood pressure, cardiovascular disease under treatment People who are recovering from surgery In addition, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and other infections caused by too much sex, you Use condoms or other methods of contraception during sex.
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