High BPA levels can hurt sperm quality

BPA is a material used to produce common consumer items such as plastic bottles, baby bottles, and sports equipment. Many studies have shown that high levels of BPA in the body will affect health, especially can damage sperm quality.

1. Why is BPA level high in the body?

BPA (short for Bisphenol A) is an organic synthetic substance with the chemical formula (CH3)2C(C6H4OH)2. Properties of BPA is a colorless solid, soluble in organic solvents but poorly soluble in water.
BPA is a material that is used to mix with other ingredients to produce a tough but resilient polycarbonate plastic. BPA-containing plastic is used to manufacture many common consumer goods such as plastic bottles, baby bottles, sports equipment, eyeglasses, CDs, DVDs, dental fillings, thermal printer receipts. ... BPA is also used to make epoxy resin, the plastic layer is used to line the inside of canned goods to keep the metal layer from corroding and destroying. An estimated 4 million tons of BPA were produced in 2015 to make plastics, making BPA one of the most produced chemicals in the world.
BPA can enter the body through food. A small portion of BPA from food containers will mix with food or liquids that are poured into BPA-containing water. Studies have shown that people who eat a lot of canned food have higher levels of BPA in their blood than people who eat processed foods directly. Babies who use bottles made of BPA-containing plastic have higher levels of BPA in their blood than breastfed babies.
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2. High BPA levels can hurt sperm

Many studies have shown that high BPA levels will have negative effects on the body. Babies born to mothers exposed to BPA in the workplace are often born with lower birth weights than mothers without exposure, and are also more likely to be hyperactive, anxious, or depressed. High levels of BPA are also thought to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity,...
In addition, BPA also greatly affects reproductive function. High BPA levels can damage sperm. A study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility (USA) has shown a link between BPA levels and sperm quality in men. The study was carried out on 218 men working at a factory in China, some of the workers at the job were exposed to BPA and some were not. The results showed that people with high levels of BPA in their bodies had 2 to 4 times worse semen quality, lower sperm concentration in semen and lower sperm mobility towards the egg. compared with those with low urine BPA levels or no urine BPA detectable. The study concluded, the higher the BPA exposure, the worse the sperm quality.
In addition to men, BPA also greatly affects fertility in women. Research on infertile women shows that women with high levels of BPA in their bodies produce fewer eggs and have a harder time getting pregnant than normal women. High levels of BPA in the blood also make a woman more likely to miscarry.
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3. What can be done to reduce the impact of BPA on the body?

BPA is present in many everyday essentials, so avoiding BPA exposure completely is impossible. Some countries have put BPA on the list of harmful chemicals, restricting its use in production. However, while you wait for regulators to completely ban BPA, you can do the following things to prevent the risk of high levels of BPA that are harmful to health:
Many manufacturers have removed BPA from ingredients manufactures baby bottles and drinking cups. When choosing a bottle, parents should pay attention to choose a BPA-free type to ensure the health of the baby. Choosing toys for children, parents should also choose ones made from BPA-free plastic. If giving formula milk, buying powdered milk and then mixing it with water in a glass cup for your baby to use will be safer than milk in a pre-mixed container. Limit the use of processed foods, canned foods. Do not put the plastic food container in the microwave, but replace it with a glass container. It is better to use glass water bottles, glass cups to drink water instead of using plastic bottles and plastic cups. Men are very sensitive to BPA levels, and research has shown that even small amounts of the chemical can have a dramatic effect on fertility. More research is still needed to know if this effect is long-term or temporary, but for men who have difficulty giving birth, it is advisable to minimize exposure and use of BPA-containing products to prevent pregnancy. prevent the risk of affecting sperm health.
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In order not to affect sperm quality, men need to avoid contact and use of BPA-containing products. Accordingly, to check the reproductive health and check the quality of sperm before conception, Vinmec International General Hospital is currently applying the Pre-Marriage Examination Package to encourage couples to check before conception. marriage to evaluate fertility and detect early causes that can lead to infertility and infertility, including performing a semen analysis to check the number and quality of sperm.
If you have a need for consultation and examination at the Hospitals of the National Health System, please book an appointment on the website for the best service.
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