How does the breast change during the menstrual cycle?

A girlfriend's breasts can change throughout the menstrual cycle, such as being more sensitive, even increasing or decreasing slightly in size and shape. That may be due to the flow of hormones like Estrogen and Progesterone throughout a woman's cycle. Breast changes are most noticeable just before menstruation begins, and decrease during or during the menstrual cycle.

1. Which breast changes are normal?

Every woman is different, but usually everyone experiences one or more of the following breast changes during their menstrual cycle:
Breast swelling Sensitivity Soreness Breast pain Changes in breast texture
Đau ngực khi có kinh
Sưng vú, căng đau ngực là những triệu chứng bình thường trong kỳ kinh nguyệt

2. What should be done when the breast changes during the menstrual cycle?

Here are some tips for girlfriends to reduce breast symptoms during the monthly cycle:
Diet to reduce fat, avoid eating fatty foods Do not consume caffeinated foods such as coffee, tea , Cola and chocolate Avoid salt for one to two weeks before your period Wear a bra that fits and supports well Try to exercise daily

3. Should I be examined when my breasts change during my period??

Most changes in the breast during the menstrual cycle are not cause for concern, but you should see your doctor when:
Unusual, new or unsteady lumps in the breast or under the arm Discharge discharge from your nipples, especially if the discharge is bloody or brown Severe symptoms that make it difficult to sleep, even after you have changed your diet and exercised regularly The following symptoms are also needed get noticed and examined:
Breasts change in size and shape but do not return to the same after menstruation
Đau ngực khi có kinh
Nếu vú thay đổi về kích thước và hình dạng nhưng không trở lại như cũ sau kì kinh bạn nên đến cơ sở y tế để thăm khám

The nipple is protruding more and more, or is retracting in the breast Skin problems, such as itching, redness, scaling, depression or wrinkles

4. Diagnosis and treatment of abnormal breast changes

First, the specialist will do a clinical examination, as well as explore your symptoms and family medical history, such as breast tenderness before the period, whether the pain occurs before each period or not, if you feel any unusual lumps or discharge, or any other symptoms.
After the examination, the doctor may order a mammogram or an ultrasound of the breast to confirm the diagnosis. If necessary, you may have a breast biopsy, where the doctor will take a sample of breast tissue for pathology. In addition, the doctor will give you tips to relieve symptoms such as taking medicine, warm compress, massage, as well as a reasonable diet to reduce the symptoms of benign pain.
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