HPL quantitative test in oocyte

HPL stands for Human Placental Lactogen which is a hormone secreted from placental spines, HPL quantification can assess the development of the placenta. During pregnancy, the amount of HPL decreases more than in normal pregnancy.

1. Egg pregnancy

Ovulation, also known as hydatidiform mole, is a pathological change of trophoblasts. Ovarian disease is characterized by water degeneration of the placental spines and hyperplasia of the trophoblasts.
There are 2 types of ovum: partial ovum is when only some of the placental spines become cysts, in which the uterus may contain a fetus. A complete pregnancy is when all the placental spines become water follicles, and there is no pregnancy in the uterine cavity.
To diagnose pregnancy, it is necessary to perform imaging studies by ultrasound method, and do paraclinical tests including: quantification of HPL, quantification of Beta-HCG, quantification of estrogen.
Định lượng HPL
Beta HCG là một trong những xét nghiệm được tiến hành để chẩn đoán thai trứng

2. Quantitative HPL test in oocytes

2.1 Chemical nature HPL (human placental lactogen), also known as placental emulsifier, is a peptide hormone with similar effects to growth hormone (GH) and prolactin. Molecular weight 22,000 daltons.
2.2 Origin HPL is produced by the placenta as early as 3 weeks after fertilization and detected in maternal serum as early as 6 weeks. It disappears quickly after giving birth. The half-life is about 30 minutes.
2.3 HPL test method is tested by radioimmunoassay.
2.4 The threshold of normal HPL is detected in maternal serum from 6 weeks, increases gradually during the first and second trimester, with very little fluctuation, and disappears rapidly after parturition.
HPL changes are directly dependent on the volume of the placenta and the number of fetuses.
Normal: the amount of HPL increases gradually with the age of the fetus, at full term it is about 7.4 ± 2.6mg/ml. Abnormally, the amount of HPL decreases when there is a threat of miscarriage, threat of premature birth, and poor fetal growth. The amount of HPL in oocyte is usually lower than in normal pregnancy. 2.5 Significance HPL has growth hormone properties in the second half of pregnancy:
Causes lipolysis and increases the amount of free fatty acids in the blood plasma, providing energy for the mother. Has an inhibitory effect on glucose absorption and glucose production in the mother. Has the effect of increasing serum insulin concentration, facilitating protein synthesis, creating a source of amino acids for the fetus. HPL test to evaluate placental function. In the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, the quantitative HPL test is usually high in normal fetuses and low in ovum.
Định lượng HPL
Xét nghiệm định lượng HPL là một trong những xét nghiệm được dùng trong chẩn đoán thai trứng

Quantitative HPL test is one of the tests used in diagnosing pregnancy. In ectopic pregnancy, the amount of HPL is usually lower than in normal pregnancy.
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