Instructions on how to massage for pregnant women during labor

Massage helps mothers feel relaxed and relieves pain and anxiety in the early stages of labor. To help pregnant women reduce stress and manage pain more easily when facing uterine contractions.
Below are instructions on how to massage pregnant women during labor by obstetricians and gynecologists.

1. Why does massage help relieve pain in labor?

Massage stimulates your body to release endorphins - natural pain relievers and mental relaxants. Endorphins are thought to be one of the factors that bring about good feelings, often after a workout or after a refreshing smile.
During labor, massage brings you closer to your loved ones, husband or loved ones. Touch makes you feel better, helps cope with pain during labor massage can relieve pain and anxiety in early labor, helps you cope with uterine contractions by How to make you feel less stressed and more in control. During labor, relaxing your shoulders will help you relax. This will also help you breathe rhythmically. Regular breathing increases the maximum amount of oxygen for both you and your baby. Massage helps you relax your shoulders and rhythmic breathing. Your husband should put his hand on your shoulder and gently rub it or he can relax his hand on your shoulder and use his thumb to massage in circles behind your shoulder blades. This will help you feel relaxed when contractions occur. He can next stroke down your elbow, maintaining a rhythmic action and assisting in pain relief during contractions. This will help you feel relaxed when contractions occur. He can next stroke down your elbow, maintaining a rhythmic action and assisting in pain relief during contractions.

2. Instructions on how to massage pregnant women during labor

2.1 Back massage Many women feel a strong contraction in the lower back, so a lower back massage can help relieve pain. During labor, your husband can massage your spine with his palm, from your shoulders down to your buttocks. Then switch hands to maintain the massage on your back, with one hand continuously in contact with you. If prolonged, the massage can be very soothing. Make sure he uses his entire hand for the massage and try to soothe the sore spots on his body. During the advanced stages of labor, your husband may use the back of his hand to press down on your entire spine. He'll need to apply quite a bit of pressure to combat strong spasms so gently leaning with his body weight is one way to conserve his energy. Or you can use your thumb to massage in a circular motion on the buttocks. Let him know what you found most helpful. 2.2 How to massage your feet Even if you can't feel anything in your feet, you can still feel good when you get a massage. The massage doesn't have to be strong, but it shouldn't be ticklish. If you have to sit down, or stay in bed for long periods of labor, a foot massage is ideal. Your husband can simply massage from ankle to toe, or massage with his thumb on the soles of the feet. You may feel your feet warm up after being massaged because labor cools your feet.
Foot massage for pregnant women for comfort.
3.3 Hand massage instructions If you have an epidural and you have to lie on the bed, it is very difficult to massage your shoulders or back. If there is no sensation in the legs, there is no need to massage this area. Your husband can massage your hands. Your husband can simply massage each hand in turn, first on your back, then with your palm, from your wrist to your fingertips. He may rub small circles on your palm, and gently pull each finger in turn to release tension. This is a lovely way to get closer together and make labor special 4. Not every woman wants a massage If your husband is interested in a labor massage. He might be disappointed if you don't like it. However, some women simply cannot bear to be touched when they are having contractions. The contractions can be so powerful that even light touches can cause the body's response to become intense. Other women find massage very helpful. Husbands can hold their shoulders or press their backs for them from the beginning to the end of labor. Your husband needs to be flexible and understand that massage techniques provide great comfort in the early stages of labor but by no means are effective in the later stages. In the final stages of labor, many women can't stand being emotional and can even become quite stressed out with their husbands. Being able to listen, verbally encourage, and respond to your needs are important qualities in a partner. 5. Where can my husband learn to massage me? You and your husband can practice massage techniques at home. Or you can both experience a massage therapy before labor. Some antenatal classes will provide skills, such as postures and massage techniques, for you and your husband to practice. Therefore, you should learn to take an antenatal course. In addition, midwives and nurses can support and guide you and your husband in massage as you go through labor. To get the most out of your massage, make sure you tell your husband or the person next to you how you feel during labor! If the pain doesn't improve after a few days or gets worse, see your doctor.

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