Is cervical and vaginal tearing dangerous?

The article was written by Specialist Doctor II Pham Thi Tuyet Mai - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital
Cervical-vaginal tear is a relatively common lower genital tract injury. Cervical and vaginal tears are common in cases of difficult delivery, requiring forcep intervention or early labor when the cervix is ​​not fully dilated, sometimes due to large abortions.

1. Consequences of tearing the cervix, vagina

Causes of cervical tear, scleroderma due to old tear, after cervical amputation surgery, after cervical electrocautery; cervix and vagina are inflamed or swollen due to prolonged labor; premature strain tearing; large fetus, suction cup; special abortion, large abortion..
Cervical, vaginal tear is a common lesion that can accompany the placenta, it can be a solitary lesion with only tearing the cervix or just tearing the vagina. Depending on the damage to classify the tear. Manifestations of cervical and vaginal tearing can be easily seen as bleeding before or after delivery; After the book, the blood still came out. Fresh bleeding, uterus still recovering well.
Rách âm đạo ở mức thấp
Rách cổ tử cung và âm đạo có thể đi kèm nhau

Examination by placing the valve and using pliers to pull the cervix straight, move the pliers around the cervix to see each short cervical segment to give an accurate diagnosis of the degree of cervical tear. Depending on the extent and location of the tear, it causes more or less bleeding and then gives the right treatment. Cervical tear below the attachment of the vaginal wall: lesions are usually small, mild, bleeding is usually less. The bleeding may stop on its own without any treatment. Cervical tear on the attachment of the vaginal wall: bleeding less, more depending on the location and extent of tear.
In case of small tear cervix, it can stop bleeding after pregnancy.
In the case of the cervix and vagina, the large tear causes a lot of bleeding, if not detected in time and properly treated, it can cause shock, decrease in volume and cause pain, and even death. Cervical lacerations, especially high lacerations, can be the cause of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy in later pregnancies.
An old tear of the cervix at birth does not affect the ability to conceive, but a tear of the cervix can be a big cause of miscarriage. Usually with small cervical tears at birth there is almost no effect, but if the tear is large (high tear) up to the waist of the uterus (internal hole) it is most likely the cause of miscarriage in the first time. posteriorly due to uterine isthmus.
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Rách cổ tử cung là một trong những nguyên nhân lớn gây sảy thai

2. How to fix it

When there is a cervical-vaginal tear, the best method is to suture the tear.
2.1 Preparation Performer : A trained obstetrician and vaginal laceration, 1 experienced midwife. Means: Vaginal valve, Heart-shaped Pen, Antiseptic Pen, Straightening the blunt end (sharp), Pen with needle clamp, Tweezers, No. 1 vicryl thread, 1 10ml syringe, Antiseptic solution. Patients: The patient must be comprehensively assessed for blood loss, pulse, blood pressure, general condition, degree of uterine contraction after delivery (if the contraction is poor, it is necessary to use uterine contraction drugs); maternal diseases, especially those related to hemostasis such as thrombocytopenia, prolonged APTT, decreased fibrinogen...; The doctor needs to ask the patient and check the medical record so as not to miss the case of allergies to anesthetics, pain relievers, antibiotics. 2.2 Steps to take Step 1: Pain relief for the mother (if there is no epidural to relieve pain during and after birth). Step 2: Sew only the cervical tear and pay attention to clearly observe the two torn edges to sew and avoid stitching the lower lip and upper lip on both sides. Sew with self-dissolving thread. Step 3: Sew up the ectopic tear (with the same clothes if any) and the tear in the vaginal wall with a separate nose thread.
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2.3 Monitor the patient's condition Monitor vital signs: general condition, pulse, blood pressure. Monitor bleeding: If bleeding, it must be carefully examined and sutured. Monitor blood loss, red blood cell tests, hemoglobin, when necessary blood transfusion. Administer antibiotics for 5 days after suturing. Cervical tear during childbirth not only causes pain for the mother but also affects her health later in life. In order to make labor easier, Vinmec International Hospital now has methods of "Painless delivery" - helping mothers to have a gentle labor, healthy babies, and minimizing birth defects. sex at birth. At the same time, the hospital system has a team of skilled doctors and nurses with modern medical facilities in performing the technique of suturing the cervix and vagina during childbirth and suturing the cervix in the treatment of childbirth. non...help mothers feel secure when giving birth here
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