The development of the fetus week 31

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Thirty-first week, the arduous journey of pregnancy has only about nine weeks left before it comes to an end. You are experiencing discomfort as the uterus grows and puts pressure on other organs. Your baby is gaining weight and his brain is developing quite quickly to keep up with life after he is born.

1. Thirty-first week fetal size

At 31 weeks, the fetus weighs about 1,568 kg, about 41.8 cm long. As the mother begins the eighth month of pregnancy, the fetus gains weight by accumulating fat under the skin, becoming more and more plump. The fetus is also very active and you will see the baby in the belly move a lot to get used to controlling the limbs. Usually the fetus will lie vertically with the head down and the legs towards the mother's chest cavity. If the baby was in the breech position in the past, she will usually turn her head to the head this week.
At this week of pregnancy, the villi that previously covered the fetus's body are gradually shed, as well as wrinkles are also reduced for a smoother appearance. Due to the larger body size, it is difficult for the fetus to do somersaults in the womb as before. With less than ten weeks to go before birth, your baby's brain needs to be at its best to process all the environmental stimuli. Nerve cells in the brain develop at a rapid rate during this period to ensure that your baby's brain is ready for the outside world. This rapid development also leads to the development of the five senses, meaning that the fetus already has taste and touch.

2. The change of the mother's body at the 31st week of pregnancy

Discharge from the breast. Occasionally, you may notice a little discharge from your breasts. This is colostrum containing protein, fat, IgA and minerals. Backache . By week thirty-one, you'll notice additional back and leg pain due to the extra weight your body has to bear. Shortness of breath. Due to the extra weight, which already makes the mother tired and difficult to breathe, the expanding uterus pushes back on the diaphragm, making it impossible for the diaphragm to fully relax, making room for the lungs to inflate when the mother inhales, making her faster. out of breath even with minimal activity.
Sự phát triển của thai nhi tuần 31
Do phải gánh thêm phần trọng lượng, vốn đã làm mẹ mệt mỏi và khó thở
Urinate many times. The uterus presses on the bladder, making less space for the bladder to hold urine, causing the mother to have to go to the bathroom more often. Constipation. The large intestine also has to reduce peristalsis, which increases its ability to absorb water and causes constipation. Not to mention, it is possible that during pregnancy, the mother does not eat enough fiber and drink water, which also causes constipation. Obstruction of the pelvic blood vessels combined with increased intra-abdominal pressure and bowel movements secondary to constipation can lead to hemorrhoids. Heartburn. In the later stages of pregnancy, mothers are also prone to heartburn. There are many causes such as the pressure of the uterus pushing the stomach up into the esophagus. Progesterone also reduces the peristalsis of the upper gastrointestinal tract, reducing the ability of the diaphragm to function. Braxton Hicks contractions During the last weeks of pregnancy, you may feel slight contractions of the uterus. If you see five to six contractions in an hour, it could be a sign of preterm labor and you need to go to the hospital right away.
Mom will feel a little clumsy, because the large belly deflects the center of gravity, as well as a bit difficult to move. However, you should still do some gentle exercises like a short walk or yoga. Yoga is very good in helping mom relieve back and leg pain.
When the mother looks at the ultrasound image of the thirty-first week of pregnancy, the baby's face at birth will look like this. You can clearly see the face and all the different expressions, as well as the limbs and limb movements.
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