Treatment of cystic fibrosis of the breast

Cystic fibrosis of the breast is a benign disease, quite common in women between the ages of 30 and 50, caused by the breasts being affected by hormonal imbalance in the body for a long time. Pain in the chest causes discomfort, treatment helps patients reduce pain and increased sensitivity in the breast.

1. How is cystic fibrosis of the breast treated?

Cystic fibrosis of the breast is a benign, treatable disease. After being diagnosed, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment depending on the damage on each patient.
1.1 Medical treatment Medicine is the main method in the treatment of cystic fibrosis of the breast, helping to relieve pain symptoms and reduce breast sensitivity.
Commonly used drugs include:
Pain relievers: If the patient is in too much pain, overcome the tolerance can take pain relievers such as paracetamol, or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, it should not be used for a long time and should be used at least 4 hours apart. Hormonal drugs: Commonly used drugs include topical or oral progesterone; Medicines that have an antagonistic effect on estrogen, such as tamoxifen.
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Other support: Apply warmth: Use a hot pack or other means to apply to the painful area, helping to reduce discomfort, pain, and tension.
Lifestyle: The patient needs to keep his mind relaxed, happy, work and rest properly, maintain a balanced and scientific exercise regimen.
Diet: Eat more foods rich in vitamin B from plant sources such as whole grains, calcium-containing foods such as dairy products, eat lots of fruits and vegetables to help reduce water retention, reduce water retention. chest pain symptoms. Avoid foods high in salt and fat, and avoid stimulants such as alcohol, beer, coffee, and tobacco.
1.2 Surgical treatment Surgical treatment is indicated when the cysts contain large fluid causing pain, superinfected breast cysts with abscesses, aspiration of blood mixed with blood, papillomas in the cysts, cytology results results suspected of high malignancy.
In cases where cystic fibrosis of the breast is not suspected of malignancy but is very painful, simple drainage of the cystic fluid can be performed. If a high probability of malignancy is suspected: Aspiration reveals blood, intracystic papilloma, or cytological examination which is suspicious and requires surgical excision of the cyst. Suspected cancer after treatment, need to conduct a cell biopsy or after draining the cyst, there are still hard plaques or hard plaques that appear after 2 menstrual cycles.
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2. Notes when treating cystic breast disease

Before proceeding, patients need to conduct paraclinical tests to get an accurate diagnosis of the disease, the degree of damage from which appropriate treatment can be applied. The pain sensation of the patient can disappear spontaneously and in this case, the patient usually just needs to be calm, not too stressed. When cystic fibrosis is identified, the patient should not be too worried or bewildered. Because anxiety is the main cause of the disease, the pain is worse. This is a benign and treatable disease of the mammary gland. Do not arbitrarily use endocrine drugs for treatment or treatment tips without scientific evidence to affect health. Follow the treatment instructions of the doctor, do not stop taking the medicine without a prescription. To control their disease, patients should check their breasts regularly to feel normal and abnormal early, should not wear bras that are too tight or too wide, especially during vigorous exercise; Having the right diet and lifestyle helps to reduce uncomfortable symptoms. It is necessary to periodically re-examine, monitor growth and abnormalities occur. Contact your doctor right away if the discomfort does not subside or during self-examination of the breasts reveals abnormal structures. Cystic fibrosis of the breast is a treatable disease and the incidence is very high in women, so when you are diagnosed with this disease, you should not be too worried, it will affect your health and increase your symptoms. uncomfortable. During the course of treatment, the patient should adhere to the treatment and re-examine at the request of the doctor to monitor the progress of the disease.
Currently, Vinmec International General Hospital applies the aspiration treatment of benign breast tumors with the assisted biopsy technique of the ultrasound-guided vacuum suction device (VABB), which has opened up a new path. overcome the disadvantages of traditional surgical methods. Thanks to this method, instead of having to open surgery to remove the tumor as before, the doctor only needs to insert the needle of the VABB machine to cut the tumor and suck the tumor out. Patients will experience less pain and no scarring. Especially, it does not cause breast deformation, does not require hospitalization. The patient does not need to undergo many incisions to remove the tumor, but just a single needle piercing can handle tumors, even treat multiple tumors at the same time.

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