Uterine biopsy to treat gynecological diseases

The article was professionally consulted with Specialist Doctor II Pham Thi Tuyet Mai - Obstetrician and Gynecologist - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital.
Endometrial biopsy is when the doctor inserts a small spoon into the uterine cavity to remove a few pieces of the endometrium for testing and diagnosis. This procedure can cause pain and infection if not done properly, so it should be done in a reputable medical facility.

1. Meaning of endometrial biopsy curettage

Endometrial biopsy will help diagnose:
Detect uterine cancer. Causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding. For women who have difficulty getting pregnant, this test will help detect whether the lining of the uterus is suitable for pregnancy or not. Excessive hyperplasia of the uterine lining.
Những điều cần biết về xét nghiệm PAP sàng lọc ung thư cổ tử cung
Sinh thiết nội mạc tử cung có thể giúp chẩn đoán bệnh ung thư tử cung

2. When should endometrial biopsy curettage?

Endometrial biopsy will be indicated by doctors when necessary. Women with the following symptoms are often indicated to do this technique.
Have menstrual cycle disorders such as prolonged menstruation or no period.... Abnormal vaginal bleeding despite menopause. Abnormal vaginal bleeding occurs during hormone treatment for certain diseases. The uterine lining is found to be too thick after ultrasound. When having normal sexual activity but not pregnant. Pap test results are highly abnormal.

3. The process of performing endometrial biopsy curettage

Endometrial biopsy is usually performed by gynecologists, family medicine doctors, who are experienced and well-trained, and performed in women over 3 years of age.
The endometrial biopsy curettage is done as follows:
First you will be instructed to undress below the waist and wrap the cloth around the waist. Lie on your back on the examination table, raise your leg and press your foot on the stirrup to keep it in place. The doctor administers a local anesthetic to the uterus. The doctor will use a speculum to widen the vaginal wall, so that he can see exactly inside the uterus. Insert a small curettage into the uterine cavity and proceed to remove the endometrial fragments. After the uterus has been removed, the procedure will end, and the female genitals will be cleaned. This procedure is not too complicated and will usually take about 5 - 15 minutes. Women need to pay attention to choose reputable specialized medical facilities to ensure safety and limit unfortunate complications.
Nạo sinh thiết buồng tử cung
Nạo sinh thiết nội mạc tử cung rất quan trọng vì vậy người bệnh nên lựa chọn những cơ sở ý tế chuyên nghiệp, an toàn

4. Notes when performing endometrial biopsy curettage

Patients should note when curettage of endometrial biopsy to make the process safe as follows:
Before the procedure:
Done when not pregnant, no vaginal infection. Do not perform during menstruation Do not perform after menopause, unless there is abnormal vaginal bleeding Do not use creams or other medications in the vagina After the procedure:
Clean the area clean, properly sealed, change tampons often After the procedure, the patient may feel some pain and discomfort in the vagina for about 1, 2 days. Vaginal bleeding or discharge for 1 week. You do not need to worry too much because this is a normal phenomenon. Do not douche, as this can cause an infection of the vagina or uterus. Absolutely do not have sex, need to abstain until the vaginal bleeding stops. Avoid vigorous activities or lifting heavy objects. In case of any abnormality, it is necessary to quickly report to the doctor for timely handling measures.
In order to help customers detect and treat gynecological diseases early, Vinmec International General Hospital has a package of basic gynecological examination and screening, helping customers detect early infectious diseases and help treat Easy, inexpensive treatment. Screening detects gynecological cancer (cervical cancer) early even when there are no symptoms.
Basic gynecological examination and screening package for female customers, has no age limit and may have the following symptoms:
Abnormal vaginal bleeding Having menstrual problems: irregular menstrual cycle, irregular menstrual cycle Irregular vaginal discharge (smell, different color) Vaginal pain and itching Female clients have several risk factors such as poor personal hygiene, Unsafe sex, abortion,... Female customers have other symptoms such as: Abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, pain in the private area, abnormal vaginal bleeding.

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