What to do when pregnant women have cramps?

The article is professionally consulted by doctors of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Vinmec Ha Long International Hospital.
One of the unpleasant symptoms of a woman's pregnancy is cramps. Pregnancy cramps are a completely natural phenomenon, but not so that you can be subjective. It could also be a sign the pain is coming from something else. To know exactly what a pregnant woman with cramps should do when experiencing this symptom, immediately read this article from the Vinmec team.

1. Causes of cramps in pregnant women

Pregnant women often experience cramps in the calf muscles, thighs, hips, knees. The pain makes calves, knees... movement more difficult and lasts a few minutes. The causes are usually:
The increased body weight during pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the legs, causing difficulty in blood circulation in the blood vessels. The uterus grows and expands to make room for the fetus. Stretched muscles and ligaments cause pain and cramping. In some cases, the uterus is not properly aligned with the pelvis. When the uterus expands, it compresses the nerves and blood vessels, which can also lead to cramps. Morning sickness makes the mother vomit, poor absorption of nutrients from food. Prolonged condition will cause the mother to lack nutrients and vitamins, leading to electrolyte disturbances and muscle tension, from which the mother has cramps. The fetus needs a lot of calcium to grow, so the mother will transfer some calcium to the fetus. A calcium-deficient mother is prone to cramps.
Nên làm gì khi bà bầu bị chuột rút?
Chuột rút là nỗi ám ảnh của nhiều phụ nữ mang thai
Some other causes related to diseases that can endanger the health of mother and baby:
Appendicitis Pancreatitis Kidney stones Bladder infection Indigestion Urinary tract infection Constipation Sex during sex Pregnancy causes veins to stretch and damage, leading to muscle strain

2. What to do when pregnant women have cramps?

Because cramps are so common, it is difficult for pregnant women to avoid these unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes, just a pregnant woman sneezing, laughing or standing for a long time can cause cramps. Therefore, mothers can use some combined measures to minimize this situation as much as possible
Massage, massage limbs to increase blood circulation, "rescue" pregnant women with cramps
Nên làm gì khi bà bầu bị chuột rút?
Bà bầu bị chuột rút nên ăn nhiều trái cây tươi và ít tinh bột
Supplement calcium and electrolytes for pregnant women with drugs as prescribed by the doctor. Apply more menu under the advice of obstetrician and nutritionist. Foods that are beneficial to a woman in minimizing cramps include milk, seafood, and green vegetables. Mother needs to drink enough 2 liters of water / day, do not hold urine, do not let the bladder put pressure on the blood vessels. Regular gentle exercise, relaxation can be by massage or yoga. Pregnant women should work hard to massage their feet or soak their feet in warm water to reduce pressure on the muscles; Avoid sitting cross-legged because it is easy to stagnate blood circulation in the legs. When working, you can often change positions so that the spine and muscles are properly stretched. In the days leading up to the due date, pregnant women can walk more often and massage more to reduce the feeling of cramps. Eat a lot of fresh fruit and less starch to avoid constipation, causing heavy pelvic pain, leading to cramps. Do not wear clothes that are too tight, thick material for easier movement. Rest your limbs with thin pillows, soft cushions for blood circulation when you sleep, especially at night and when the weather turns cold. Take a warm bath and avoid cold showers to keep your body warm and avoid cramps. However, if you experience cramps too often and the intensity of the pain is too strong, then you need to be cautious. Because it can be a sign of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy if the uterine muscles are contracted too strongly. If you feel strong, widespread pain in your abdomen, you need to quickly see a doctor to check the health of both mother and baby.
To actively protect the health of both mother and baby, you should have regular antenatal check-ups according to the doctor's appointment, need to go to a medical facility as soon as any abnormal symptoms appear, especially are pregnant women over 35 years old, pregnant women with a history of miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy.
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