When you are 32 weeks pregnant, what should you pay attention to?

The article is professionally advised by an Obstetrician and Gynecologist.
The 32-week fetus is an important period of accelerated development of the baby, at this time, the mother's body has many psychological and physiological changes. Here are the tips of leading experts in obstetrics and gynecology to help the pregnancy process after 32 weeks smoothly.

1. Things you need to know about a 32-week-old fetus

1.1. How is the baby's body at 32 weeks old? At this time, the baby's body has developed almost fully and is complete (except for the lungs, which will mature at about 34 weeks) like at birth, the organs and parts of the body are also perfecting. The arms, legs as well as the whole body of the fetus will continue to develop in proportion to the head circumference.
Standard weight at 32 weeks is 1,755 kg, length measured from crown to heel is about 43 cm. At this time, with a tighter space, the baby is no longer "stirring" as hard as before, but the mother will still feel the movements of the baby's body.
The fetus can now open and close its eyes, squint, blink and practice eye regulation. If there is a strong light through the mother's womb, the baby can already avoid it, close its eyes, and adjust the pupils to limit the light entering the eyes.
Mang thai 32 tuần
Vào tuần thứ 32, bé "rục rịch" quay đầu.

1.2. Changes in the mother's body at week 32 The baby's body occupies more and more space in the mother's womb, causing the mother's belly to grow, making it more difficult for the pregnant mother to live, work, and move.
At this time, the pregnant mother has a general swaying, waddling, difficult to choose a comfortable sitting - sleeping position. Mothers also often feel numbness in the fingers, wrists, hands, feet or many other places on the body. Bigger, darker nipples.
The growing fetus presses on the mother's stomach, causing the diaphragm and lungs to squeeze, causing a feeling of shortness of breath.
At this time, the pregnant mother increases vaginal discharge, so it is necessary to clean the gynecology. If there is a feeling of smelly or itchy discharge, you should notify your doctor to be checked for vaginitis for appropriate treatment. Because vaginitis is one of the high risk factors for preterm birth.
Due to increased fetal needs for development, pregnant women will appear anemia, lack of nutrition.
1.3. Psychological and emotional changes of pregnant women
bí quyết đánh bay chứng tức bụng
Mẹ bầu hãy cố gắng thư giãn và suy nghĩ tích cực.
The fetus is 32 weeks old, this time is very urgent, less than 2 months left for the baby to be born. If this is the first baby, then surely at this time, the mother is eagerly waiting and worried.
Being a mother for the first time will make many changes in your life. Therefore, make an effort to learn how to care for the little being that is about to be born. Or if you already have children, think about how the new member gets along with the baby's siblings and other family members.
The baby needs the mother to be observant and sensitive enough to notice and meet the baby's basic needs. Therefore, you need to have time to practice, study as well as pay attention to observe the baby's expression.
Don't let worries take over. Try to relax, think positively, prepare well to welcome and take care of your baby.
1.4. Some things mothers need to keep in mind when the fetus is 32 weeks old At this time, the baby's body has developed quite comprehensively. At this time, if the baby is born early, he can already reflect and control his body. However, premature babies always lead to many health and nutritional risks for babies. Therefore, at this time, mothers need to pay attention to some signs and symptoms of the risk of preterm birth:
Abdominal pain or a feeling that the abdomen is pre-stretched. Abnormal vaginal discharge: bleeding; vaginal discharge, which could be amniotic fluid. In particular, if the mother feels more than 6 contractions within 1 hour, each contraction lasts about 30-45 seconds, please contact your doctor or go to the hospital as soon as possible. Especially with vaginal bleeding and/or abdominal pain, there is a very high chance that the baby will be born prematurely.
Thai pedals more or less, less than 10 movements within 2 hours. In addition, if the pregnant mother feels or has a headache; fever; fatigue, shortness of breath, chest tightness, fainting, etc. are also abnormal symptoms, pregnant women need to go to the hospital immediately.

2. Nutrition for 32 weeks fetus

In addition to the knowledge mothers need to know about the development and changes of the mother and baby at 32 weeks of pregnancy, nutrition is also an issue that mothers need to pay attention to to ensure the supply of necessary substances for the child to develop and help the mother. best health protection to prepare for a successful birth.
At this time, the pregnant mother's body is tending to gain weight quickly, while the fetus's body is also developing very strongly. Therefore, nutrition and food play a very important role in this period.
Below are the foods as well as the nutritional ingredients that pregnant women need to supplement during this time.
Protein is one of the 3 most essential nutrients to help your baby gain up to 200g per week. Mothers can supplement protein for the body through food sources such as fish, eggs, butter, milk, beans, nuts, etc. At 32 weeks pregnant, the amount of protein required by the mother is 75-100g per day. . Fat: Mothers also need to supplement with good fatty acids such as Omega 3 in salmon and mackerel for the baby's brain to develop faster and smarter. Fiber: To prevent constipation, pregnant women in these last weeks of pregnancy need to provide enough fiber from vegetables and tubers for the body. Fiber is abundant in brown rice, broccoli, legumes, bread, corn, celery,... Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an indispensable nutrient that pregnant women need in their 32 week nutrition regimen. Every day, mothers need to supplement with about 75mg of Vitamin C in fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, etc. Iron: Iron deficiency in the mother's body can cause premature birth and low birth weight. Moreover, this nutrient also helps the mother produce more blood to nourish the fetus, so iron supplementation during the entire pregnancy as well as the 32nd week fetus is very necessary. Some iron-rich foods that pregnant women should have in their 32nd week of pregnancy are eggs, water spinach, heart, liver, lean meat,... Calcium: Adequate calcium supplements to help children complete bones, prevent bone and joint diseases later. Calcium is abundant in seafood, yogurt, cheese, milk,... Pregnant women who are 32 weeks pregnant need a daily nutritional regimen, consult a doctor to be able to provide a full range of nutrients. necessary for the best development of mother and child. Drink plenty of water (2 - 3l/day). Drink a lot during the day, limit at night to avoid affecting sleep.

3. Milestone for fetal examination at 32 weeks

sự phát triển thai nhi 32 tuần tuổi
Thai nhi 32 tuần tuổi - mốc khám thai quan trọng.
The 32 week fetus stage is an important antenatal check-up, the mother needs to be fully examined.
Routine examination: Measure weight, blood pressure, heart rate, check for signs of edema, uterine hyperplasia,... Fetal ultrasound: Ultrasound to screen for fetal malformations at the last milestone (If the 28-week mark has not been established yet). check) Blood test: Check blood sugar, electrolytes, liver enzymes... Urine test, analyze 10 parameters to assess the full health of pregnant mother and fetus, from which the doctor will counseling and guiding pregnant women in the last stages of pregnancy. From the 32nd week onwards is a very important and sensitive period of pregnancy, with just a small impact, it is possible to have a premature birth. If the baby is not cared for according to the standard procedure for premature babies, they will encounter many serious complications affecting the nervous system, respiratory, digestive system, .... even life-threatening. Therefore, at this stage, you should have regular antenatal check-ups and perform necessary blood and urine tests to assess the health of mother and baby comprehensively.
To protect the health of the mother and baby comprehensively as well as help the mother feel more secure during labor, Vinmec provides a package Maternity service. With this package, the mother will have regular antenatal check-ups and routine tests to monitor her health. The fetus is monitored for fetal heart rate and uterine contractions by obstetric monitor at 37-40 weeks of expected time of delivery. If the baby is born prematurely, they will be cared for and raised with international standards. Premature births are organized in a methodical manner under the coordination of many specialties: obstetrics, anesthesiology, and especially neonatology and paediatrics. This helps to reduce the risks and increase the effectiveness of treatment for health problems that premature babies may have.
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