Children need to urinate constantly, is it due to a urinary disorder?

Children need to urinate continuously in a day due to many causes, which can be due to physiological or pathological causes. If the cause is a medical condition, parents need to take care of the child carefully and take the child to the doctor in time.

1. Children need to urinate continuously without a medical condition

Children need to urinate continuously can be caused by many reasons, but not always children need to urinate continuously from the same pathology, sometimes this condition is due to simple reasons such as: :
Parents let children drink too much water, milk, eat porridge... especially when it's late, children tend to need to urinate continuously; Children drink too much of some types of water with diuretic properties such as sugarcane juice, coconut water, and eat a lot of sweet foods. In this case, children need to urinate continuously because the 2 kidneys have to increase filtration to eliminate excess sugar; The heat in the body is also the reason why children need to urinate but can't go too much; Due to psychological factors such as being complained by parents about urination problems, it has unintentionally created psychological pressure and made children need to urinate continuously.
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2. Children need to urinate continuously due to various diseases

Usually, if children need to urinate continuously due to physiological reasons, they will be relieved and completely gone after a few days. However, if a certain disease makes children need to urinate continuously without proper diagnosis and treatment, the chance of self-healing will be very low.
Below are some medical conditions that can lead to constant urge to urinate in children.
2.1. Urinary tract infections cause frequent urge to urinate in children Urinary tract infections are a common cause of frequent urges to urinate in children. The most common pathogens are bacteria. In particular, urinary tract infections are more common in girls than boys. The reason is because girls have a short urethral structure, the external urethral opening is located close to the anus, increasing the possibility of bacteria entering the urinary tract and causing disease. Some common urinary tract infection symptoms include:
Children need to urinate but can't go; Increased frequency of urination; Cloudy urine, bad smell; Painful feeling when urinating; Some children may have lower back pain or pelvic pain; Common systemic symptoms are anorexia, abortion, excessive crying or fever. 2.2. Circumcision of the foreskin causing frequent urination. The narrow foreskin constricts the entire glans, making it impossible to turn over when the penis is erect. This is also considered a cause of frequent urge to urinate in children.
Some symptoms of narrowing of the foreskin:
Children need to urinate but can't go as usual, urine shoots in rays because the foreskin hole is too small; The foreskin is swollen, red, succulent and difficult to turn. 2.3. Some other causes for children needing to urinate continuously Interstitial cystitis: This disease is often difficult to determine the cause, the most prominent manifestation is lower abdominal pain or 2 pelvic fossa, urinary urgency or frequency; Irritable bladder syndrome : The bladder of young children experiences a constant uncontrollable spasm and causes urgent urination, the child needs to urinate but cannot go because the bladder does not have urine, or sometimes no urine. control; Urinary stones and foreign bodies: Young children are less likely to have urinary stones or foreign bodies. However, this condition is still possible and causes the child to urinate more often, the feeling of not passing urine completely, painful urination, kidney colic and sometimes blood in the urine; Urethral stricture : Due to many causes, manifested by symptoms such as frequent urge to urinate, painful urination, blood in urine or cloudy urine.
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3. Children need to urinate constantly, what to do?

Children's constant need to urinate is a common urinary disorder in children. This condition both affects a child's quality of life and can have some serious consequences later in life.
When children have a constant urge to urinate, their crotch is always wet with urine, parents often have a tendency to scold, blame or even hit their child. However, this approach is completely wrong, both not solving the problem and creating panic for the baby. The best thing that parents should do is when they discover unusual manifestations in their child's urination, quickly bring the child to see a specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment.
Besides, some home measures parents can apply to improve children's constant need to urinate are as follows:
Limit drinking a lot of water, especially in the evening to limit the number of trips. urinating every night; Limit acidic foods such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tomatoes, star fruit... due to the ability to irritate the bladder causing children to urinate more; Limit or give up the habit of giving children carbonated drinks because they have the ability to stimulate the bladder, making children need to urinate continuously; Limit the use of hot and too sweet foods or spices for children because of their strong diuretic ability; In short, children need to urinate continuously in a day due to many reasons. If the cause of the child's constant urge to urinate is due to a medical condition, parents need to take the child to see a doctor for timely treatment.
With many years of experience in examining and treating diseases in children, now the Pediatrics Department at Vinmec International General Hospital has become one of the major health care centers, capable of examining , screening and treatment of many specialized diseases in children. Therefore, if the child shows signs of persistent urge to urinate, or it is getting worse, parents can take the child to Vinmec International General Hospital for examination and receive support and advice from doctors. and health professionals.

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