Cholera in children: Causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention

For children's immature immune systems, cholera prevention is very important. Let's find out what causes cholera in children and how to prevent it effectively to prevent this dangerous disease.
1. Causes of Cholera in Children Cholera in children occurs when babies come into contact with water contaminated with Vibrio-Cholerae bacteria, causing severe diarrhea and dehydration. If not treated in time, the patient can die within a few hours. Cholera occurs only in humans and the risk of spreading into an epidemic is very high.
There are 3 main causes of cholera in children:
Children can get cholera if they eat food contaminated with Vibrio-Cholerae bacteria. If you feed your child the wrong way (dirty, undercooked or contaminated fruit; eat too much or too little; the composition of food changes) will make the child's body not adapt to the foods. eat it. The change in weather causes children to catch cold, causing intestinal disorders to function. If it is suddenly hot, stomach acid and digestive enzymes are secreted less, causing the baby to have gastric bypass. Children who take antibiotics for a long time make the intestinal bacteria not work properly, or urinary tract infections or sore throats cause gastric emptying. 2. Symptoms of cholera in children Most people who are exposed to cholera bacteria (called Vibrio cholerae) do not develop the disease and do not know they have been infected, because of the symptoms of cholera in children. often quite similar to common diarrhea. However, because cholera can survive in the feces of an infected person for 7 to 14 days, they will infect others.
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Vi khuẩn tả gây bệnh tả ở trẻ em có thể tồn tại trong phân người bệnh từ 7 đến 14 ngày
Typical signs and symptoms of cholera in children include:
Incubation period: lasts from a few hours to 5 days Onset: low-grade fever and chills followed by dull abdominal pain, vomiting and beginning to have loose stools. Stage Full development: the baby has many bowel movements, the stools are milky white, loose with many white scales, with a strong fishy smell but not rotten; the child will vomit due to the effect of the toxin; dry skin, dry lips, sunken and lethargic eyes. Your baby will feel very sleepy or even lethargic or have convulsions. 3. Complications of cholera in children A common complication of cholera is hypoglycemia. Children will lose strength because of frequent bowel movements and food intolerances, so blood glucose levels will drop, leading to abnormally low blood sugar and possibly convulsions.
In addition, cholera can lead to cases of low potassium in the blood. When going out many times, children lose a large amount of potassium and minerals necessary for the body. Potassium helps the functioning of the nervous system, if the potassium level is too low, it will cause problems in the heart's nerve function.
And when cholera is extremely serious, it will cause a child's body to lose a large amount of fluid and electrolytes quickly, causing death.
4. Diagnosis and treatment of cholera in children To diagnose cholera in children, you should rely on:
Epidemiology, the patient has contact with the source of infection during the epidemic period. Clinical: 3 typical symptoms are loose stools with cholera, vomiting, and electrolyte loss. Stool test to isolate cholera bacteria. The most important thing when treating cholera for a baby is that parents must urgently rehydrate their child with water and electrolytes, kill bacteria with antibiotics as well as send their child to a hospital near home as soon as possible. In terms of nutrition, you should note that you are still breastfeeding and eating well. Food can be made thinner and then returned to a normal diet. Give your child medication according to the doctor's instructions, if it is serious, it should be transferred to a higher-level hospital for timely treatment.
>>> Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of cholera
5. How to prevent cholera in children
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Should try to be persistent in breastfeeding, which is both convenient and clean. If you intend to wean, avoid weaning in the hot summer. Maintain food hygiene and safety and periodically disinfect high-temperature cookware. Do not allow children to come into contact with people who have cholera, especially during an ongoing epidemic. Absolutely do not let children have the habit of chewing or biting their nails Always keep your baby's personal hygiene clean Wash hands before each meal Always eat cooked and drink hot Here are some tips to prevent cholera in children. In case the child has a mild fever, vomiting, and has many bowel movements despite taking medicine but it does not help, parents need to take the baby to a reputable medical facility to be examined and treated by a specialist. timely, avoiding complications that adversely affect health.

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