Common complications in malnourished children in the fetus

Fetal undernutrition is a condition in which the fetus is underdeveloped or retarded. There are many causes of fetal malnutrition. After birth, children are underdeveloped in height and weight, often have diseases due to infections, ... is one of the complications of fetal malnutrition.

1. Overview of Fetal Malnutrition

Fetal malnutrition is a condition in which the fetus is underdeveloped or retarded in the mother's womb.
Fetal malnutrition can be detected through periodic antenatal check-up, based on indicators measured by ultrasound such as length, weight, head circumference, waist circumference, and thigh length. , the height of the mother's uterus.
If, after birth, the child weighs less than 2.5 kg despite being born at full term, it is considered a child with fetal malnutrition.
Thuốc trợ phổi được sử dụng cho những trường hợp sinh non
Trẻ sinh ra nặng dưới 2,5kg được xem là trẻ bị suy dinh dưỡng bào thai

2. Causes of fetal malnutrition

There are many causes of fetal malnutrition such as:
Mother's age: Older mothers (>35 years old) pregnancy increases the risk of fetal problems such as malnutrition, congenital heart defects childbirth, down syndrome, cleft palate, ... Pregnancy nutrition: During pregnancy, if the mother does not ensure adequate nutrition of protein, flour, fat and vitamins and minerals, it can affect effects on maternal health and fetal development. Maternal health: During pregnancy, if the mother is infected with infectious diseases, flu ... will affect the development of the fetus, increase the risk of malformations, fetal malnutrition. Overwork: If the pregnant mother does hard labor, or the working environment is toxic, polluted, heavy work, often under pressure, stress, ... also affects the development. of the fetus.

3. Complications of fetal malnutrition are common in children

Fetal malnutrition can cause serious complications for both physical and mental health of the child:
Vulnerability to infections: Children who are malnourished early in pregnancy will be deficient in certain nutrients. minerals and vitamins, affect the child's immune system, thereby increasing the likelihood of viral and bacterial infections. When a child's immune system is weakened, which means that the protective function of the internal and external organs is affected, the child will be more susceptible to diseases than normal children, from diseases such as dry eyes, to measles , pneumonia, respiratory inflammation, diarrhea, digestive disorders, ...
Nhiễm khuẩn huyết ở trẻ em
Suy dinh dưỡng bào thai khiến trẻ sinh ra dễ bị nhiễm khuẩn

Hypothermia: Children with fetal malnutrition are very sensitive to the temperature of the outside environment. Therefore, after birth, if the baby is not warmed, the child may have rapid hypothermia and affect the child's life. Hypoglycemia: The blood sugar of children with fetal malnutrition after birth is often very low. Symptoms of children with hypoglycemia such as convulsions, tremors, moans, crying, purple, apnea... Therefore, children need to be continuously monitored every 3-4 hours for indicators including blood sugar, calcium , blood count, coagulation. Underdevelopment in height and weight: Children with fetal malnutrition will have slower growth in height and weight than normal children. Children are often weak, thin, shorter than other children. Psychiatric sequelae: If after birth, the child is mildly malnourished and the head circumference is still normal, the child may not have mental sequelae. However, if the child is severely malnourished and affects the size of the head circumference, the child may suffer mental and neurological sequelae and retardation.

4. Prevention of fetal malnutrition

To prevent fetal malnutrition, women, especially pregnant women, should note:
Iron supplements before and after giving birth to avoid anemia. Eat enough to ensure adequate nutrition for the healthy development of the fetus.
Dinh dưỡng và thực đơn cho bà bầu trong suốt thai kỳ để con khỏe, mẹ không tăng cân
Phụ nữ cần ăn uống đầy đủ dinh dưỡng trong suốt thai kỳ

Work and rest reasonably, avoid stress and pressure affecting the fetus. Periodic prenatal check-ups to promptly detect abnormalities in health as well as fetal status. Do not use stimulants while pregnant such as tobacco, alcohol. Avoid pregnancy and childbirth under 18 or over 35 to reduce the risk of fetal malnutrition. If you have chronic diseases, it is necessary to cure the disease and then become pregnant, especially those that are transmitted from mother to child. Children suffering from fetal malnutrition after birth need a thorough care regimen to limit the risk of possible complications. To protect the health of pregnant women and babies during pregnancy, International General Hospital Vinmec provides a full package of maternity services as a solution to help pregnant women feel secure because of the companionship of the medical team throughout the pregnancy. When choosing Maternity Package, pregnant women can:
The pregnancy process is monitored by a team of highly qualified doctors Regular check-ups, early detection of abnormalities The package pregnancy helps to facilitate Convenience for the birthing process Newborns receive comprehensive care To register for examination and treatment at Vinmec International General Hospital, you can contact the nationwide Vinmec Health System Hotline, or register Check online HERE.

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