Health check list for 5 year olds

The article is professionally consulted with Master, Doctor Nguyen Minh Tuan - Pediatrician - Pediatrics - Neonatology Department - Vinmec Danang International General Hospital.
To complete a medical examination for a child going to kindergarten, parents can choose medical facilities that provide child health check-up services. Health check-ups for 5-year-olds also need to be performed periodically to check for problems related to cognitive development, ensuring before children enter primary school.

1. List of 5-year-old children's health check

The 5-year-old children's health check-up list includes:
Overall check-ups and measurements to ensure that the child is growing healthy. Weighing to check if your child is overweight or underweight. Measure blood pressure, breathing rate and heart rate. View and check immunization records. The doctor may also prescribe any necessary injections before the child starts school. Get tested for TB if you suspect your child has any risk factors. During the physical examination of a 5-year-old child, the doctor may also ask the child to draw a portrait of someone to check that the child has a fully developed concept of the human form. detailed bodies such as bare hands and feet. The doctor may also ask the child to write down his or her name on a piece of paper or a tag. The doctor will also ask questions and talk to the child to check and detect problems related to the child's voice. Because at the age of 5, most children can speak in sentences and listeners can understand what the child is saying. During the physical examination of a 5-year-old child, the doctor will also ask the child about school and friends to see if the child is developing relationships with teachers, friends and the level of adaptation. how young. If there are any questions regarding a child's development, school readiness issues or setting boundaries, the doctor can also answer the parent and caregiver (if applicable). ). In the form of health examination paper for children, there is also a section about vision. So the doctor will also conduct an eye exam of the child to check the structure and alignment of the eyes, check that the eyes are moving correctly, look for birth defects in the eyes and related problems. (if available), use an eye chart to check your child's eyesight. Test your child's hearing.
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2. Questions the doctor may ask during the physical examination of a 5-year-old child

During the physical examination of a 5-year-old child, the doctor will ask the following questions to gather more information:
Does the child have any close friends or good friends when going to school? When children start school, they will gradually develop friendships. If a parent or caregiver notices a child's disinterest in other children, it could be a sign of a child's emotional or developmental problems, such as autism. Therefore, early detection is essential for prompt and effective treatment. To test cognitive skills in a 5-year-old child, during the child's physical examination, the doctor will ask if the child knows the address and phone number of a parent or relative that needs to be memorized? Because at the age of 5, memorization is a rapidly developing cognitive skill. If your child has trouble remembering, he or she may need support, such as memorizing phone numbers and addresses to the tune of a song. If measures do not help the child, the doctor may need to do a closer examination to assess the child's learning skills. The pre-school health check-up should check that the child can follow complex instructions? So your doctor may also ask this question. Most 5-year-olds are able to pay attention long enough to follow a 3- or 4-step instruction. If your child is having trouble following and completing tasks, the doctor may need to screen and check the child for problems with concentration and attention, or look for differences in learning. of children. During the child's physical examination, the doctor will ask the parent or caregiver if the child has chosen and dressed himself. Because most children at this age are quite independent and begin to assert their independence by choosing and dressing themselves. If your child still needs help getting dressed, it may be a sign of motor skills related. The doctor can offer advice to help your child gain more self-control or rule out this possibility. Preschool children's physical exam also includes whether the child can write numbers and letters. So the doctor will ask parents about this, because most children by the age of 5 can already learn some basic skills of writing numbers and letters. If the child is unable to do so, the doctor will need to further examine the child's motor skills so that learning disabilities can be ruled out. Child health check includes a child's oral health check. The doctor will ask the child if he brushes his teeth twice a day, does he floss? The doctor will then examine the child's teeth and gums and ask how often the child visits the dentist. If a child has caries in their baby teeth, it can affect their permanent teeth as well as cause problems with their teeth later in life.
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Health check-up for 5-year-old children including weight, blood pressure, breathing rate, heart, hearing, vision, immunizations, language development, cognition, memory and coordination skills of children.
To ensure the health of children, before sending their children to a general health check-up, parents should pay attention to choosing a reputable address, with modern equipment and experienced staff and doctors. experience.
Currently, children's health check-up at Vinmec has the following advantages:
The system meets international standards: Meets JCI (Joint Commission International) standards - the world's most rigorous safety standard with criteria for taking patients human-centered, committed to providing safe and quality medical care services. Modern facilities and equipment: Vinmec Hospital owns modern facilities and equipment such as PET/CT, MRI, CT 640, the world's leading modern ultrasound machine system, examination room. The medical staff is highly qualified: Before and after the examination, the doctor always consults and enthusiastically explains the examination results to the parents. Limit the use of antibiotics for children: Indiscriminate use of antibiotics has led to an alarming increase in antibiotic resistance. When the baby is sick and needs treatment at Vinmec, doctors will minimize the use for the child Besides, in order to improve service quality, Vinmec International General Hospital now offers a Health Checkup package. general health for children under 18 years of age. This is a comprehensive health check-up package, including a full range of basic functional assessment services for children such as: ear, nose and throat examination, eye examination, assessment of liver and kidney function, heart, lung, blood test, and blood test. hepatitis and nutritional status of the baby.
Parents can consult and book a health checkup for their children by registering online.

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